Your prayer points for 2020

hannah thiem
Your prayer points for 2020 image

We asked our community for their prayer points for 2020 and this is the top four prayers you shared with us. Please join us this week in prayer for 2020 as we prepare to glorify God together! 

1. Pray for the drought 

We are praying for rain!  In light of the danger facing New South Wales, Queensland and other parts of the country, we pray that God will break the drought, grant us rain and keep our communities safe.

You can read our full prayer for the drought and fire affected areas here. 

2. Pray for relative to meet Jesus

Many of you asked that God would save someone close to you - including parents, siblings and significant others. We join in your prayers that the message of Jesus would save them in 2020.

3. Pray for Georges River Mission 

The region is gearing up for a year of mission in 2020. The mission aims are for every parishioner in the region to memorise John 3:16 and to pray for the opportunity to share it at least once in 2020. Read more about the Georges River Mission here. 

4. Pray for new ways to serve God 

What a fantastic thing to pray! We pray for all of our Churches that they will be filled with people motivated to glorify our king!