A prayer for Evangelistic Hearts

hannah thiem
A prayer for Evangelistic Hearts image

As the Rev Simon Gillham, head of the Mission Department at Moore College, wrote in February Southern Cross, Christians still need to “have a go” at sharing the gospel despite their fears.

“We’re so worried about what other people might think or say, or the questions they might ask us, that we end up saying nothing,” he wrote. Evangelism is scary. It is risky. If we try talking about Jesus, maybe our friends won’t want to hang around with us as much. Maybe our workmates will ridicule us. Maybe our family could even disown us. It might happen… But me not knowing is not the disaster that I might imagine – not if I trust the God who knows all things is in control and is working for my good. So, my fear should not lead me to analysis paralysis, it should lead me to have a go. In fact, not just to have one go, but to have many goes.”

This is an attitude that we need to adopt as individuals and as churches. Sometimes it’s about taking the opportunities that present themselves within the community, other times it’s about making opportunities to share the gospel with others. Either way, the mission of Christ is clear: we are to take the gospel to the nations around us who desperately need to hear it and be saved.

Pray for Evangelistic Hearts 

Lord God, 

We thank you that you were not content to leave us in our misery and suffering, but that in love and mercy, you reached out to us. Thank you that when we were dead in our sins, you sent Jesus to die in our place. Thank you that he humbled himself, even to death on a cross. Thank you that you have a heart that seeks the lost. 

We were lost. We were desperately needing you, while walking in the opposite direction. We are sorry for having hearts that rebelled against you and sought darkness. 

Thank you for saving us.

Please give us hearts that care for the people who are still in darkness. Teach us to care for them as you do. Thank you for including us in the mission of reaching other people for your name. Grow us to care for humanity, for the people to haven't yet come to know and trust in you. 

We pray for our Churches, that you would help us to run events that encourage people to come to know and love you. We pray for our conversations, that they would be seasoned with salt and full of grace. We pray for our friendships, that they would show people the love of Jesus. 

Thank you for the Jesus Is mission, which showed people your love and care. Please continue to build those seeds. Help people come to a real and lasting faith in you. We pray for the KYCK conference, starting this weekend. Give teenagers a chance to know and love you for the first time. 

Grow us hearts after your own heart, and passionate to see people saved. 

In Jesus powerful name, 



Photo from Mittagong Anglican Church