Prayer stimulus

Glenn Davies

Before the Throne of God: Embracing the Joy and Privilege of Prayer by David Mulready

For many years Anglican Press Australia, a subsidiary of Youthworks, has been publishing Lenten study books. Written by evangelical authors, they have consistently provided good quality studies for the 40 days of Lent.

The newly published group of studies on prayer by Bishop David Mulready is another gem for the series. The title of the series is now ‘Studies for Lent and other times’, so for those who are not persuaded of the importance of ecclesiastical calendars there is no reason not to purchase this book and be edified by its contents at any time of the year. 

The book is divided equally between Old Testament prayers and New Testament prayers. Each chapter is short and easily digestible, expounding a selection of the biblical text.

I found the Old Testament chapters particularly encouraging as saints of old engaged the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ from a position of partial knowledge and limited revelation, yet their prayers are no less instructive for us as those of the apostle Paul.

While readers will find numerous references to life in North West Australia, where David served for seven years as bishop, the writing is easily accessible and, in fulfilment of its subtitle, enables the reader to embrace the joy and privilege of prayer. Also included are questions for group discussion as well as some stimulating sermon outlines.

Whether as a resource for personal study or group study, this publication will serve as an excellent stimulus to your prayers as well as your Bible reading.