Record your day in 280 characters

Steve Kryger

There's lots of different journalling apps out there.

Penzu is a particularly stylish and feature-rich option. Evernote could also be used very effectively for this purpose (and many others).

But today I want to let you know about 280daily. 280daily is a tool to 'sum up your day in 280 characters'. It's really simple - choose the day you want to sum up:







And then type in your entry:







You can also attach a photo to your entry if you like. One nifty feature, is that 280daily will send you an email at 4pm if you haven't entered anything in for the day - a good reminder to stick to the discipline!

280 characters doesn't seem like much (perhaps because it isn't!), but in my opinion, it's more than enough. Unless you want to write an essay, the discipline in summarising in 280 characters forces you to focus on the big picture, and makes it far more likely that you'll put pen to paper, so to speak.

They propose a raft of new features:

  • Email in photos and entries.
  • iPhone and Android app.
  • Language translations.
  • Ability to change the look and feel of 280daily.
  • Book export – fully featured.
  • Improve PDF export functionality – more control over appearance, layout and content.
  • Improved photo support – better galleries and photo integration.

But to be honest, I'd be pushing to keep it simple. What 280daily does now, it does well.

Question Do you keep a daily journal? What do you use? An online tool? A notebook?