Shocking truth about Melbourne Cup

Ted Brush

This week saw the running of yet another Melbourne Cup. 

Those, who like our Prime Minister, backed the winner Shocking, no doubt saw it as a good day all around.

However I wonder what we who call ourselves Christians might learn from this day? Here are a couple of thoughts.

1. Isn’t it interesting to be reminded that the opinion of the majority is not always right? 

This year the favourites did not feature in the winner’s circle. Perhaps that gives us a gentle opportunity to remind our friends that though most people reject the truth of Jesus the fact of the matter is that the majority do get it wrong from time to time.

2. We have to ask ‘what is important to us as a nation when a horse race brings us to a standstill?’ 

Is it the thrill of a close won competition? Is it simply the buzz that comes from participating with so many others in what is a national event?  (Especially if we get to do that with our mates at work, or the club or wherever?) Perhaps the simplicity of a race where the skill of a jockey and the form of a horse are what counts just takes us away from the day to day reality of life and all it’s complexities. Yet if the Melbourne Cup is a national day of escape then it doesn’t last long! Those who follow Jesus do not need to escape our world but rather to live in it with the perspective that the gospel of Jesus gives us. That is, in Jesus we already have a sure thing.