Six great podcasts to super-charge your commute

hannah thiem
Six great podcasts to super-charge your commute image

We are big fans of the podcasts which pastors are putting together! Podcasting is one of the best ways to engage deeply with the Bible online, and there are some great Christian options out there.

The Word Grows

A bi-weekly podcast put together by Tom Habib, The Word Grows is based on the deep conviction that life and growth in Christ comes as we hear his word and his Spirit works in our heart.

Each season Tom goes through a book of the Bible (or part of a book) and puts together episodes based on what God’s word is teaching in the passage. But this is more than a sermon. Although he begins by looking at the themes and ideas of a passage, he also includes a range of segments and interviews that help unpack what these truths mean for life and ministry today.

Where to start: Episode 5: Time to get to work.

In this episode, Tom looks at John 4 and explores increasing secularisation and how this impacts the role of the people of God. Bishop Peter Lin also makes a guest appearance, talking about ministry in Fairfield and how to reach southwest Sydney.

The Pastor’s Heart

Available through Facebook and as a podcast, Dominic Steele sits down with a leading Australian pastor and asks them to reflect on how God has changed their heart. There’s a focus on the joys, sorrows and frustrations of ministry as well as strategic and theological elements of being on mission for Jesus. You’ll love it if you’re a senior pastor, or working in ministry. There’s a balance of strategy and personal insight.

Where to start: Sandy Galea on Kids with Grief

Galea sits down with Dominic to discuss how MBM helps kids deal with grief in the context of the gospel. They have many families who have difficult things happen to them, and Galea’s insight on how to support children is invaluable.

The Centre For Christian Living Podcast with Tony Payne

The Centre For Christian Living Podcast is a Moore College initiative to explore different aspects of Christian life and provide insight for individuals looking to follow God. Payne sits down with different individuals and discusses all aspects of life, from travelling as a Christian to how we can understand guilt and shame.

Where to start: Let’s Change the story about domestic violence

This is a helpful, relevant and honest look at how the Church can and is responding to domestic violence. Archdeacon Kara Hartley is heavily involved in the support of women, and her interview reminds us of the grace that God gives.


The Lydia Project

The Lydia Project is a Gospel Coalition podcast featuring informal interviews with Christian women about faith, life and ministry. The series is the brainchild of Tori Walker and shows many different angles of what it means to be a Christian women.

Where to start: Club Mango, reflecting on 20 years of praying together

This isn’t a typical episode of the Lydia Project but it’s one of the most meaningful ones. Tori reflects with her prayer group of 20 years through a car trip together. It’s meaningful, messy and shows how all of life can point back to God.

Sermon series

Many churches put their sermons online each week! It’s a great way to share the teaching and ensure it gets to a wider audience. Sermons between 30-40 minutes long can be a great way to grow while on the way to work.

Where to start: New Life Oran Park
This is a relatively young church making big waves in southwest Sydney. It was recently involved in the Jesus is_____ campaign and has a lot to teach us about living boldly for God.

What She Said

This fresh podcast is run by two Moore College students who wanted to give people a chance to hear from the women God has worked through. What She Said focuses on historical, biblical and contemporary women to highlight God’s promises and wonders. Where to Start: Episode One: the Queen.
An excellent episode exploring our reigning monarch and how she has stood up for her faith over her lifetime.