Speak to the newcomer on your church website

Steve Kryger

According to a recent study conducted by McCrindle Research, the most preferred method for Australians to "gather information about religion or spirituality [is] through an information rich website". Australians want to know more, and they're turning to the web to explore their questions.

What kind of experience would these Australians have on your church website? Would they find what they were looking for?

I'm becoming more convinced that the primary audience for our church websites should be newcomers - the person who doesn't yet attend, especially the unbeliever. Our websites are an easy entry-point to Christian things, for people who want to know more, but aren't ready to visit yet.

This doesn't mean the church website should be unhelpful for members - it just means that their needs are secondary to the needs of those who aren't yet there.

As I've done some research for my church's new website (which I couldn't do without the assistance of some very gifted and servant-hearted people), I've seen some great examples for how churches are seeking to serve the newcomer on their websites:

  1. Can we pray for you?
  2. Every person has infinite value
  3. A place for all generations
  4. My story
  5. Inspiring wording
  6. Gripping calls to action
  7. Step by step
  8. A simple welcome
  9. Guided tour
  10. What to expect







You can read more about each of these examples, and see them in action here

How else can we be serving newcomers on our church websites?


Feature photo: William Brawley