Ministry strategy

Partnering with a struggling African church to produce a translation in three different languages

January 26, 2020 | russell powellYouthworks CEO, the Rev Craig Roberts, got an email from the president of the Baptist Union of Burundi, Pastor Jean Jacques Masabo.

“TL:DR” - the podcasts revolutionising how we consume the Bible online.

May 20, 2018 | hannah thiemAlongside recommendations, holiday plans, shopping and socialising, lots of Christians are going online to supplement the teaching they receive from church.

Equipped to Connect

April 11, 2018 | tara singOne of our priorities as Sydney Anglicans is to reach the lost in our Diocese with the life-giving gospel of Christ, but what steps are churches taking to do this? 

Why is the Mark Drama so popular?

March 21, 2018 | hannah steeleA production of the local community, the Mark Drama turns Mark’s biographical account of Jesus into a 90-minute, theatre-in-the-round stage production.

Practical ways to celebrate the Reformation’s 500th anniversary

April 12, 2017 | We really do have reason to celebrate the wisdom and the sacrifices of the Reformers and those who followed.

Servant of Christ

January 30, 2017 | A century ago Broughton Knox, principal of Moore College from 1959-1985 and one of the most influential figures in the Diocese’s history, was born.

The Surprising Secret to American Church Growth

September 23, 2014 | For a country on the other side of the planet – we seem to hear a lot about Church growth from Americans.

Seeking true gospel growth

August 1, 2011 | Ivan LeeIt's one thing to have a growing church but there's a lot more to mission areas than this, writes Ivan Lee.

Chasing the sheep

March 8, 2011 | Raj GuptaIs March a danger month?

Time to Reform?

February 22, 2011 | Raj GuptaIn recent decades, for many reasons, it has become unfashionable for churches to enter into discussion about matters of social reform.

Hunger for the Word

December 14, 2010 | Raj GuptaWhat bound together the delegates at KCC Uganda? Their hunger for the Word of God.

Why Uganda made me cry

December 8, 2010 | Raj GuptaBalmain boys don't cry. Though I grew up in Balmain, I was holding back the tears as NextGen Uganda finished its first day.

Beyond our own little patch

November 16, 2010 | Raj GuptaRaj Gupta is heading back to lead KCC Uganda. Given its the lead-up to Christmas it will cost his local church. So why go?

Are we ‘˜on our knees’?

October 13, 2010 | Raj GuptaThe problem with some media reports on the Diocese's financial problems is that they fail to understand the nature of church.

Synod: crunch time?

October 10, 2010 | Raj GuptaMy question for this week and synod is this: Will we dwell in the past, or look to the future?