Synod diary #1: A question to ask

Nigel E Fortescue

I have a confession to make…I really enjoy Synod.

Like the saints in my church at Campbelltown did yesterday, you are probably shaking your head and wondering why. There are three reasons:

1. Synod gives you the opportunity to see the bigger picture of what is going on in the diocese. We clergy spend most of our time looking at our own navels and don't really pay much attention to what God is doing elsewhere. The Diocesan Mission update, Missionary Hour and the Archbishop's Presidential Address give us the opportunity to hear, celebrate and pray for the work of God around the diocese.

2. Synod gives you the opportunity to be involved in the direction and decisions of the Diocese. Motions will be debated and voted on. Rules and laws will be discussed and implemented or repealed. And while all that sounds boring to many, much of those debates and discussions will profoundly impact the way we do ministry in our churches. We need to be on the ball with Bibles open to ensure we make good decisions. 

3. Synod gives you the opportunity to catch up with friends and hear what is going on in their parish (for clergy, that is code for "find out what they are doing and steal their best ideas").

So Day One is upon us. There will be a church service, the Presidential Address and lots of procedural organisation. We may get to a bit of business but the real action will begin on Day Two.

Day One also gives Synod members the first opportunity to ask a question. You can ask a question about anything on the Synod agenda or about Sydney Anglican committee, board or commission. Your question can't contain assertions, opinions, arguments, inferences disrespect or seek a legal opinion. I have a couple of questions I want to ask, but what about you? If you could ask a question, remembering the rules above, what would you ask?

The Rev Nigel Fortescue is rector of St Peter’s, Campbelltown