Synod diary #5 - no creative solutions

Nigel E Fortescue

And so we wait.

The Bishopscourt debate was passionate, long, and informative but for me, sadly soul-less. It was like watching an American Football game - full of predictable, slow moving set plays.

In Rugby Union, flair, creativity, skill, and incisive and surprising behaviour wins the day. There was little of that in the debate. Don't get me wrong: there were passionate speeches and laughter (Professor Bernard Stewart won the Award for best on ground in my view). But there was little evidence that anyone is seeking creative, surprising solutions to our cash crisis.

Perhaps I am being too harsh, but for me the debate can be summarised like this. We need extra money to pay our bishops. Selling Bishopscourt will (possibly) get us extra money. Let's sell Bishopscourt.

In my little corner of the house, we came up with at least seven solutions to the cash crisis and I don't count any of us as flair-filled geniuses (sorry guys!).

Nevertheless, at about 3.35pm today we will hear the result of the ballot.

Planting new fellowships

In more exciting news, we set Al Stewart on his merry way to recruit new evangelists to preach Jesus to the people of Sydney in a variety of ways including planting new fellowships.

The Ordinance still needs some work and truth be told, no one really knows how this whole "New Churches" thing is going to play out, but I am glad we are giving it a go.

In my short ministry, I have seen the truth of the adage "new things reach new people". So bring it on - there is plenty of room in our backyard and we are a fair way off being able to say we have connected with everyone in our parish.

Today we will discuss euthanasia, which is topical given the new billboard on the Hume Highway at Yagoona. Allegedly 85 percent of Australians agree with euthanasia.

While I am sure the figure will not be so high in the Synod, it will be interesting to see what happens.