Synod diary #4: big decisions

Nigel E Fortescue

Decisions, decisions, decisions. It's what Synod is about, but as I sit and reflect on the first three days of Synod, I feel we have made some significant decisions. Three come to mind.

1. The Synod decided to send a clear message to the NSW Government that we oppose the proposed SJEC Ethics Course (see the full article). I am moving a motion to get the Diocese report on the Trial into the hands of our church members.  We need to enable everyone to get informed on the issues and understand the threat this trial is to SRE. You can read the report here.

2. We decided that we would not limit the term of the Archbishop to ten years. The debate on this issue was long and passionate. One side argued that the limit would mean we might chance our arm on a younger man. The other expressed concern that a limit may produce a myriad of unintended consequences. The vote was close but the status quo prevails.

3. We decided to affirm our previous commitment that the Lord's Supper may be administered by persons other than presbyters in our Diocese. Again, there was strong debate and even a call to dismiss the motion entirely. Will this decision put us out of fellowship with others? Will this decision lead to legal action against deacons who administer the Lord's Supper? Will this decision lead the Anglican Church into deeper biblical reform? I'd love to hear your thoughts on what might happen.

Another decision we made was to extend Wednesday until 9.45pm. There are still 10 major decisions that must be made this Synod and now that the end is in sight, there are serious concerns that we may not get to them. On top of that ten, there are about 20 motions from Synod members to work through.

Pray that we can make quick and wise decisions for the benefit of the preaching of the Gospel.