Talking about condoms

Mark Gilbert

The recent controversy within the Catholic Church about the use of condoms gives us an excellent opportunity to talk with our work mates about Jesus.

I can imagine a water cooler conversation going something like this;

Martin: I hear the Pope has opened the door for the use of condoms amongst Catholics?

Peter: Yea, its about time!

Martin: You know, while I don’t agree with everything the Pope says about contraception " I sympathise with where he is coming from " trying to protect and value human life.

Peter: Yes. In an ideal world we would all behave ourselves and condoms wouldn’t be such an issue.

Martin: But it’s not an ideal world "

Peter: No.

Martin: You know, whatever rules we make " whether it be abstinence, or using condoms " we all struggle to keep them.

Peter: That’s for sure.

Martin: You know the Bible says that keeping all the rules won’t get you right with God.

Peter: Really " I thought that’s what he wants.

Martin: Well keeping God’s law would get you right with God if you were able to keep all the law " but no body does.

Peter: Are you sure? If we can’t get right by keeping the rules then how can we?

Martin: Simple " Trust Jesus. Jesus kept the law perfectly on our behalf. If we trust Jesus, even imperfectly, then his law keeping counts for us.

Peter: So does that mean we can do anything we like?

Martin: No. Trusting Jesus means trying to live all your life doing what he wants. But when you stuff up, if you keep following him he will get you back on track.

Peter: So do you think It’s O.K. To use condoms?

Martin: Well, I think it’s more important to trust Jesus, and if you trust Jesus you’ll try and work out what he wants. We should look at the Bible together, listen to what some other Christians think and try and work it out. But we don’t need to be anxious about it because trusting Jesus is what matters " not keeping the law perfectly.