Thank you AB

Raj Gupta

The final night of synod will be remembered by all present for the emotional thank you to Archbishop Peter Jensen.

I was one of those who were still at Moore College when he was elected as Archbishop – I still remembered the applause and congratulations he received, even though we knew his election meant that he would be leaving the College.

11 years on, I count it a great privilege to have been part of the synod that thanked him for his leadership of all of us as Archbishop. It has been (and continues to be) a leadership that models love for all. Striking were the speeches even from those who disagree with him on some matters. He still cared for them.

I will remember the related priorities he has had – that of faithfulness to the Word of God and a priority to see those who are lost be saved.

His sacrifice and time to invest in the now famous ‘PJ’s at PJ’s’ proves the point. It was in the lead up to Connect09 that the Archbishop had 2 days with groups of six senior ministers. He called us personally to organise it. He hosted us in his house and poured out his life among us, as he sought to help us lead the local church in being outward looking.

May God lead us to a successor that continues to lead us in the priorities of faithfulness to the Word of God and being concerned for the lost