The Changing of the Guard

Raj Gupta

With the recent announcement that John Woodhouse will be retiring as Principal of Moore College, combined with the already scheduled election of the Archbishop, 2013 will mark a changing of the guard for the Sydney Diocese. Both the current Principal and Archbishop are outstanding men whose theologically driven leadership and desire to see many saved by the Lord Jesus will leave a mark for many generations to come.

As we pray and look to the future, we must make sure that theologically driven and mission orientated continue. It is always tempting to come to take something so foundational for granted, and now is the time to pray that we would not.

While the Governing Board of Moore College will make the appointment of its next Principal (and they need our prayers), the election of the Archbishop is a matter for the synod. With the election synod now just over 12 months away, the time is coming for synod members themselves to begin thinking and praying for their role in this process.

Of primary importance in the selection of any Christian leader is character, starting with their sound conversion. Unlike our world, character is a place that we must start with, rather than looking firstly for particular skills or abilities. This is not to say that skills are unimportant. They are, and one’s ability to ‘lead’ both a team and such a complex and intricate network as the Anglican Diocese of Sydney must also considered. But, the point here is that the Biblical starting point is that of character.

Many of us have been the beneficiaries of being entrusted with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus and trained by our current, and other godly leaders. The time is now coming when the changing of the guard will mean this responsibility will mean new things for many if our evangelical heritage is to continue and expand to see more people won for Jesus.

We can all pray, and help one another think and reflect carefully. What would you add to these first order considerations? And what might be the second order ones?