Tim Costello - Books that Changed Me

AMS Staff

The Bible by various authors, inspired by God
It might sound a bit obvious for me as a Baptist Minister but I am actually intrigued by the Bible. As a preacher for well over 30 years I must admit that I can still find new insights in it each time I prepare a sermon. It is a treasure of wisdom and transformation.
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

A book I read in my teens at school which aroused within me a passion for justice and probably kindled a vague interest in the law. I loved the way it portrayed a local community and the impact an individual can have in a situation of prejudice and the denial of human rights.

History of Australia Volumes 1-6 by Manning Clark

In Manning Clark I found the consummate story-teller. I love the way he turns Australian history into story, theology and philosophy and draws out the great questions of life as told through the personalities of the human beings involved.

Shantung Compound by Langdon Gilkey

A theologian writes of being interred in China with all the other Westerners in the region. This is a fascinating study of human beings and what happens when a group of people of all types of value systems, faiths and virtues are forced to live in community together for a protracted period.
The Politics of Hope by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

A wonderful book I discovered last year which reflects on where and how Western society has shifted.  A book I wish I had written!

Tim Costello is a Baptist minister and Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Australia.