Too many conferences?

Raj Gupta

This may seem like a strange title for an article from one who has been heavily involved in kcc (Katoomba Christian Convention) and in particular its NextGen (formerly KYLC) conference for over a decade.

NextGen 2011 went brilliantly, in God’s kindness.

Yes, both weeks of the conference were sold out more than a month before they started. But this is not the reason it went well.

Rather, it went well because of God’s work in individuals.

It was so humbling seeing keen Christian young people with the desire to serve the Lord Jesus throughout the world, and eager to be trained in doing so.

The stories and testimonies are endless.

While I praise God for the initial signs, the real fruit will only be clear as people go back to their churches to serve.

The question remains

Nonetheless, I raise this question: Are there too many conferences?

I arrived back home a week ago to get my head around the year ahead.

If I went to all of the conferences that are on this year, I would spend more time away from my church than at my church.

Yes, I would learn things.

Many of the conferences look fantastic, and are run by evangelical friends.

But at what point does the Sydney Evangelical world have too many? Is it as simple as ‘the more the better, for more people will be impacted in some way.’

Or, are the enormous efforts of good people being used in a less than optimal manner?

How does one even begin to evaluate such a question?

It goes without saying that individuals must pick and choose among the plethora of options. But if the Sydney Evangelical world was to work out an optimal balance of conferences, how would that look?

Maybe we can have a constructive discussion and help one another think it through.