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Refurbished Second-hand Lawn Mowers

Fully-Serviced – ready to mow!


1. Victa 18” steel ‘Classic Cut and Catch’ with 7” rear wheels, 6” front wheels, ergonomic handle, double-vent plastic catcher fitted with a Victa 160cc 5HP ‘Powertorque’ 2-stroke motor, driving an oval disk fitted with dual swing-back blades for $180.

2. Victa 18” steel ‘Super Quiet’ with 8” ball-bearing wheels, loop frame and ergonomic handle, dual-vent plastic catcher fitted with the current model Briggs and Stratton 625EXi 163cc OHV 5.5HP 4-stroke motor with Readystart ‘first pull’ technology driving a circular disk with 4 swing-back blades for $240.

I am a retiree and have been refurbishing and servicing petrol mowers for 18 years.

“REuse, REcycle, REpeat” (I am still servicing some mowers I supplied 15 years ago!)

I offer 3 Months free repair on the recycled mowers I supply.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase a refurbished second-hand mower with a 4-stroke or 2-stroke petrol motor.

It will be serviced, and sold at a fair price between $150 & $350, depending on mower size, type, deck material, wheel and handle details, blade type and motor brand and power.

N.B. Victa and Suzuki 2-stroke motors and Tecumseh 4-stroke motors can be used on sloping lawns, as the oil lubrication is in the fuel (2-strokes) or it has an oil pump (Tecumseh 4-strokes), unlike the Briggs & Stratton 4-strokes (that have paddle splash lubrication systems) which are recommended for flat lawns or slopes only up to 1 in 5.

All motors are serviced and lubricated; and fitted with a new spark plug and air filter, and (if required) oil, piston rings, gaskets, O-rings, blades with bolts, washers and locknuts, and starter cord.

For each mower sold, I will contribute $20 to the Church Missionary Society.

On your enquiry, giving the size of your lawn and mower requirements, I’ll send you details of what mowers I can offer you and pickup availability.

N.B. I can also offer to do a service or repair to your own mower and other lawn equipment.

To make an enquiry please:- email G.Lincoln on or text 0400 364 297.

I live in Castle Hill NSW 2154.




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