Jessie's story

Image of Jessie

For Jessie Dai, finding Jesus has caused her to completely change her outlook on life.

“My attitude to the world has changed,” she says. “Science can answer some of the questions we have but not the important ones like why we are here. You have to be faithful to God.”

While at university in China, Jessie was introduced to Christianity, which was in direct contradiction to the society she had grown up in.

“People thought they could be in control of their lives,” she said. “[But after reading the] Bible… I started to learn about how God was in control of everything, not people.”

When she moved to Australia, Jessie started going along to church to learn more about Jesus.

“I found it hard to believe that the Bible was true,” she says. “But David [Yue, Chinese minister at St Philip’s Eastwood] went through it with me and taught me about the historical parts and how the Bible is actually true.”

Jessie didn’t become a Christian instantly. She had a number of gradual revelations that lead her to accept Jesus as her saviour.

“It took a long time for me to decide whether to believe or not,” she says. “God truly answered my prayers when I had questions about my life.”

After becoming a Christian, Jessie says her life has changed dramatically.

“When I became a Christian I became happier inside. Before I came to Australia everything was good but I wasn’t happy. Now life just goes on but I am happy. Even when bad things happen, like my husband losing his job, I am still happy.”