Lloyd's story

Image of Lloyd

Lloyd Bowen was happy and busy in his work as a teacher but something kept nagging at him.

“[When I was at uni] a mate of mine invited me to go along to [a Bible] study… but I mainly went ’cause I liked the people,” he recalls. “Eventually I stopped going because I didn’t really believe.”

Eight years later, Lloyd decided he wanted to link up with a Bible study again.

It took another year for all the threads to come together for Lloyd, and when they did it happened at the most unlikely moment imaginable.

“It was around Easter and I was vacuuming my house, and all of a sudden I believed like I never had before,” he says. “It was very odd. But I just felt this sense of belief and love… I kept vacuuming and it was the most enjoyable vacuum I’ve ever done.”

Up to this point, church hadn’t been a big element in Lloyd’s life, but after moving house, he and his wife Krystle became regular members of their local church.

“We’re still going to Bible study regularly and we both find that incredibly helpful in terms of discussion and understanding God’s word,” Lloyd says. “But now I also understand something I hadn’t realised [about church] before and that is the fellowship – being with other Christians and getting to know them and seeing the really positive examples that they’re setting.”

One of Lloyd’s favourite Bible passages, Matthew 13, has challenged him to continue to work on his faith.

“I certainly try to be different in my interactions with people – I try to think about what God and Jesus would want me to do,” he says. “I don’t feel like I’m very successful at it… but there are things I’m praying for and working on.”

When his son Luke was baptized, Lloyd also made the decision to be baptized in front of his Christian and non-Christian friends and family.

“I wanted to bear witness to my friends and family but also be obedient,” he says, adding that sharing the day in such an important way with Luke was “a phenomenal experience, it really was. I can’t wait for him to be old enough so I can talk to him about it!”