Nick's story

Image of Nick

Nick Wong’s journey to faith began by email.

He was working in Canada, living his life without reference to God, but one of the friends from home who kept in contact was Christian.

“Being away from home I felt scared and uncertain at times,” Nick says. “She tried to get me to identify the fears that I had, then she would mention a Bible verse — something to comfort me. And whether you’re Christian or not, when you read those passages they do give you comfort in times of loneliness.

“I thought there was a God, but he was always mysterious to me. I wasn’t able to say what his character was or what he was like and maybe that’s what led me to investigate further.”

When he returned to Sydney Nick started going along to his local church, where he became a Christian.

“When I reflect on it, I’d say I felt saved… but when I first became Christian it was definitely all about me: what do I get out of this?” he admits. “‘I’m saved, fantastic, what else do I get?’ But certainly the transformation has been that it’s not about me. It’s about how I can serve others well — how God wants me to serve and fit in with his plan.”

He now knows the transformation faith can bring to a person’s life and longs to share it — reaching out to friends by emulating the example of the friend who faithfully emailed while he was in Canada. “You make sure your conversations have salt… I try to ask a few questions and maybe stir them up a bit. When I talk to my friends I feel an urgency to share the gospel with them and not just catch up.”

Nick found his faith an immense comfort as his family struggled with his late mother’s serious illness.  “I think it has just allowed me to function on a day-to-day basis,” he says. “It’s being able to lean on God, knowing that he’s in control, that has given me absolute assurance during this time.”