Glenn Davies

Real freedoms will end the broken chain of exemptions

November 6, 2018Bad legislation is made in a rush. But when it comes to religious freedom we already have bad legislation and there seems to be no urgency to fix it properly–just a rush to create more.

A prayer for the months of September and October

September 5, 2017The Archbishop's prayer for the period of the marriage debate.

Saintly status

February 17, 2017For us, 2017 is a year nearer home - says Dr Davies in Archbishop Writes.

The Peter paradox

November 28, 2016A review of 'The Importance of Peter in Early Christianity'.

Future leaders

October 21, 2016In August I travelled to Jakarta to serve as one of the mentors to 1000 younger leaders from over 150 countries who attended the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG 2016).

Not ashamed

September 2, 2016Perhaps no other statement from the New Testament characterises the path of discipleship more clearly than the words of Jesus recorded in Luke 9:23.

Visible mercy

June 10, 2016One of the joys of rainfall – apart from the refreshment it gives to a parched land – is seeing the rainbow at its end.

Doers of good

May 3, 2016I have often been struck by the summary of Jesus’ earthly ministry that the apostle Peter provides for Cornelius.

Paschal Plans

March 18, 2016One of the surprising developments from the meeting of Primates last January was the announcement that Heads of Christian Churches are close to agreeing upon a fixed Sunday for Easter.

Well schooled

February 18, 2016As the inevitable cycle of ‘back to school’ advertisements recede and the yearly cycle of our lives commences once again, I have found no better way to begin the New Year than participating in the annual CMS Summer School.

Saving Season

December 14, 2015The virgin birth is a doctrine to be believed and proclaimed.

Great mission

October 8, 2015Part two of 'The role of an Archbishop'.

Leading in truth

August 26, 2015I am regularly humbled by the number of people who say they are praying for me as Archbishop. I am also often asked what an Archbishop’s job entails.

Love endures

July 31, 2015God is love - a fairly simple statement, and yet at the same time it is quite profound.

Educating the whole person

May 11, 2015We have a long tradition of Anglican schools in our Diocese of which we can be justly proud.