Glenn Davies

News shared

February 16, 2015Who was your Epaphras? Who first shared with you the hope of heaven and the joy of sins forgiven?

Reformed reflections

November 26, 2014We shall be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in a little over three years’ time.

Image bearers

October 22, 2014The world has been witnessing what appears to be the wholesale destruction of everything Christian in the northern parts of Iraq.

When the faithful disagree

September 26, 2014The first time a letter from the apostle Paul was read out must have been a special event in the life of a first-century church.

Celebrating Lausanne

August 19, 2014It is forty years since one of the largest gatherings of evangelicals from around the world assembled in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Prayer Power

July 22, 2014 Through our prayers God brings about his purposes.

Bible Food

June 3, 2014Archbishop Glenn Davies encourages us to look again at our Bible reading habits

Risen Indeed

May 21, 2014From April Southern Cross, Archbishop Davies writes on the resurrection.

Communion meditation from the Lausanne Conference 2013

June 27, 2013Farewells are usually hard, especially the parting of friends or family.

Prayer stimulus

January 14, 2013This newly published group of studies on prayer by Bishop David Mulready is a gem.

Strengthening the ties that bind

February 7, 2012Bishop Glenn Davies on the mission convention bringing together delegates from the the seven Dioceses of NSW and ACT.

Lausanne: The final day

October 27, 2010Technology allowed many people, who would otherwise never have had the opportunity, to participate at Cape Town 2010

Humility Integrity Simplicity

October 26, 2010Glenn Davies tells of an impressive address on the importance of integrity, at Lausanne 2010 in Capetown.

Lausanne: A call for action

October 25, 2010Bishop Glenn Davies has been challenged to act when he comes home from Lausanne.

Lausanne: Moving stories from the world

October 24, 2010Bishop Glenn Davies tells of some remarkable testomonies emerging from Lausanne 2010 in South Africa.