Glenn Davies

Lausanne: the Gospel, the World and the Church

October 20, 2010The Congress has been planned around issues concerning the Gospel, the World and the Church.

Interactive’ Lausanne opens

October 19, 2010Unlike Lausanne I and II, where the participants passively listened to talks in a tiered auditorium, Cape Town 2010 has been promoted as an interactive congress.

Submission to Appellate Tribunal by Bishop Davies

August 18, 20102009 Reference to the Appellate Tribunal concerning the Adminstration of Holy Communion and the Lords Supper by persons other than a priest or presbyter.

Moving Forward?

July 27, 2010Moving forward' is the slogan of the Labor Party. In 1972, the catch-cry was 'It's Time!' Either of these slogans could aptly suit the Anglican Communion at the moment.

TEC reaps the whirlwind

March 23, 2010Well it is now official: The Episcopal Church (TEC), has declared that it doesn't care what the vast majority of the Anglican Communion believes to be the teaching of the Bible concerning sexuality.

Backwards Christian Soldiers

February 23, 2010The cause for biblical Christianity took a backward step in the General Synod of the Church of England this past week, or rather exposed itself as having already departed from biblical truth and practice.

The saint(s) go marching in

December 21, 2009The achievements of Mary MacKillop are impressive but, argues Bishop Glenn Davies, the mechanism of canonisation runs counter to what the Bible says about the saints.

Blessing in the name of God

December 1, 2009One of the most significant activities of ministers of the gospel is their opportunity to bless people, a concept that carries with it special weight.

What is full Communion?

November 3, 2009Synod expressed its desire to be in full communion with the new American province. But practically, what does that mean?

How to wash feet

October 6, 2009We are hypocrites if we who receive Jesus' forgiveness, fail to forgive others.

I agree with Bishop Spong

August 25, 2009In the Newsweek on-line report of 8 August, Jack Spong wrote: The battle over homosexuality in the Episcopal Church is over…

The historic episcopate: a response

August 11, 2009I appreciate the feedback on the historic episcopate, following my blog of last fortnight, reflecting upon article 3 of the ACNA constitution.

Canterbury, you’ve missed the point!

July 29, 2009Archbishop Rowan Williams' 'Reflections on the TEC General Convention' has so incensed me that I am compelled to respond with a second post for today on what the whole row over sexuality is really about.

Explaining the Episcopate

July 28, 2009Last fortnight's developments in the TEC convention delayed my response regarding the 'historic episcopate' in the Fundamental Declarations of the ACNA. Here's what I have found.

Canterbury must say ‘enough’!

July 14, 2009Well at last TEC has expressed its mind that gay and lesbians' lifestyle does not preclude them from ordination to the ministry, in defiance of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primates and the Lambeth Conference.