Glenn Davies

Is ACNA too Catholic?

June 30, 2009Criticism has been levelled at the ACNA's constitution as being not sufficiently reformed. Do you think the constitution might not be signed by right-thinking Anglicans?

Discipline for Anglican Buddhist minister?

June 16, 2009It is likely that Buddhism follower the Rev Kevin Forrester will not become bishop in the Episcopal Church. But will he still be allowed to teach a gospel contrary to the gospel of God?

Canada ‘blessing’ leads to condemnation

June 4, 2009The newly elected Bishop of Huron has requested that protocols will be developed in his diocese to celebrate same-sex unions, despite the current moratorium.

Canada case concerns us all

May 19, 2009It has been suggested that Sydney Anglicans show little interest in matters affecting the Anglican Communion in North America, because it is so far removed from us. This should not be so.

In defence of GAFCON

May 5, 2009It has been alleged that evangelicals should not align themselves with Anglo-Catholics as GAFCON has in welcoming the ACNA. However both camps remain committed to the biblical teaching of the gospel.

New province is a sad reflection on Canterbury & co

April 21, 2009It is telling that none of the so-called Instruments of Communion have been involved in the formation of the new Anglican province in North America.

Debaptism is a tricky business

April 7, 2009The row in England about 'debaptism' raises some interesting issues, one of which is 'how does one undo one's baptism?'.

Do Canada’s inclusive prophets ‘have God’?

March 24, 2009While the Episcopal Church (USA) works out how to include a Buddhist follower among its House of Bishops, the Anglican Church in Canada is encountering a fresh challenge from the Diocese of Niagara.

TEC’s first Buddhist bishop?

March 10, 2009The Church of England Newspaper (27 February 2009) reported that the Anglican Communion's first Anglican-Buddhist bishop was recently elected at a special convention of the Diocese of Northern Michigan. This is an interesting test for TEC, writes Glenn Davies.

Where’s the Reformation now?

February 24, 2009Over 1500 people attended a Roman Catholic Mass which was celebrated in York Minster in January. Has the Church of England now publicly proclaimed a blasphemous fable and a dangerous deceit? asks Glenn Davies.

Primates’ communiqué: too much talk?

February 11, 2009Last week Robert Tong provided us some reflections on the Meeting of Primates which was held last week in Alexandria. I thought I would continue this conversation, as the Primates have now produced their

Our church buildings matter

October 12, 2008One of the signs of a healthy church is the need to expand facilities for meeting together around Gods word. Of course it is not an essential sign of health, as some choose to subdivide when growth outstrips facilities, but it is usually an encouraging sign.

Celebrating Jesus’ ascension anniversary

April 29, 2008Ascension Day, like Easter Day, always falls on the same day of the week, moving around the calendar within its own orbit of a possible 35 days.

What I know about women bishops

November 25, 2007The legal process that led to the approval of women bishops was extraordinarily complicated and difficult to report in a short news article. Bishop Glenn Davies explains.

Still deadly

October 28, 2007This collection of essays is not so much about the so called 'seven deadly sins' as the ancient cures that exist for those deadly trespasses.