Ivan Lee

“We partnered”

October 22, 2012Mission Areas and the challenge of gospel partnership

Discipleship is not a course

November 27, 2011Bishop Ivan Lee shares some insights, some lessons and some horror stories emerging from the latest ministry conference.

Seeking true gospel growth

August 1, 2011It's one thing to have a growing church but there's a lot more to mission areas than this, writes Ivan Lee.

A biased Trinity?

October 26, 2008Are we uncertain about the Holy Spirit? This rather uncomfortable question has been raised recently about Sydney Anglicans. Part of understanding Him must be understanding what He does and what he doesn't.

Spare a thought for the atheists

June 1, 2008Having grown up as an atheist (well, up to the age of 17, if you call that grown up) I have always taken an interest in atheism.

What I think about the 60 per cent

October 28, 2007If you havent heard it yet, you are sure to hear it more and more"¦ that 60 per cent of non-church goers in this nation have no close friend who is involved in a church. What is your immediate reaction to that statistic? Mine was one of surprise "“ I expected a much higher number, perhaps 80 per cent or higher.

What I know about clergy marriage

July 1, 2007I don't think people intentionally place stress on clergy couples, but at times high expectations of the clergy husbands, wives and children can be unrealistic and very difficult to live up to.

God moves in ‘un-mysterious’ ways?

October 31, 2006Bishop Writes with Ivan Lee

Bishop Writes with Bishop Ivan Lee: June 2006

May 29, 2006I am writing this column on the very day that The Da Vinci Code hits the big screens all over Australia. It has been interesting seeing how different churches around Australia and the world have reacted "“ ranging from calls to boycott the film, a stance of indifference ('its fiction "“ why react and give it more publicity?), right through to booking up cinemas and taking your friends. I, for one, support any method, within reason, which will initiate conversations about Jesus and create opportunities to point people to the real Jesus of the gospels.

Bishop Lee Writes: The Hills are alive with the sound of music…and prayer

November 2, 2005It is easy for churches in the North West to be overwhelmed with the challenge, but initiatives are bearing fruit.

Bishop Writes: Mission mistake - Don’t set needs before God’s word

May 30, 2005Once upon a time, thinking about peoples circumstances and needs as part of evangelistic strategy or preaching was simply not thought about "“ at least not very much! In fact, especially in the area of preaching, talking too much about 'needs and addressing these 'needs was seen as shallow preaching.

Bishop Writes: Success is about godly initiative

May 28, 2004Mission Impossible? From a ‘worldly' perspective, yes, the diocesan goal of reaching 10 per cent of Sydney's affluent, self centred and hardhearted population of nearly four million for Jesus Christ does seem like a daunting task. Well, it so happens that I am writing from Gosford where the World Anglican Chinese Clergy and Workers' Fellowship Conference is being held. Yes, what a mouthful, but what a conference!

An Easter Message

April 5, 2004Murder investigations often make for gripping news, but one really amazed me recently. The story was of a US man who confessed to murdering his wife. He turned himself into police after faking her suicide months earlier. His confession made headlines around the world.

Link: Bishop Writes (November 2003)

October 27, 2003Putting lives on the right track

Link: Re-potting brings growth for Lidcombe

October 27, 2003St Stephen's, Lidcombe was built in 1875 and over the years it has gradually changed from a strong Anglo-Celtic ministry to become a largely ethnic Chinese ministry. There is a cultural diversity, ranging from second generation Australian Chinese to those who are newly arrived in Sydney. Today St Stephen's consists of Australians, Chinese and Chinese Australians.