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P/T Assistant Minister (Director of Music and Gatherings)

Church Hill Anglican
Location: Sydney, NSW
Date advertised: 2nd August 2022
Job Type: Part time
Closing Date: When ready

Church Hill Anglican (made up of St Philip’s, York Street and the Garrison Church, Miller’s Point) is seeking a Director of Music and Gatherings to develop the already strong music culture of the church.

The position is for 3 days per week, although we are open to negotiating this given the right applicant. 


To develop and lead the worship music ministry for our church, in consultation with the senior minister and congregation ministers, in a way that is consistent with our mission, values, and theology.


  • To oversee the music ministry across the parish.
  • To review our current culture of music, and reposition the work with fresh insight.
  • Recruit, equip, motivate, supervise and shepherd music team leaders and musicians.
  • To participate in the planning of weekly corporate gatherings.

Duties include the following:

1.Overseeing Gatherings

  • Select songs (and introduce new songs) that fit the service and teaching series
  • Plan services in liaison with congregation ministers
  • Rostering of musicians for all gatherings through Elvanto
  • Overseeing rostering for all areas of service at Sunday gatherings
  • Meet with the Rector to plan teaching series in advance
  • Oversee creative elements of services and teaching series, including visuals for use in advertising and/or services
  • Regular leading across all gatherings (except 8:30am St Philip’s)

2. Pastoring and Discipling Musicians

  • Leadership of music, sound and tech teams across Church Hill.
  • Management of music, sound and tech teams across Church Hill through the use of elvanto
  • Training musicians through rehearsals and workshops, especially focusing on ensemble playing 
  • Training vocalists through rehearsals and workshops
  • Identifying new musicians and vocalists in the community, encouraging, onboarding and equipping them to serve through music
  • Improving the quality of sound operation/production across the parish
  • Training members of the sound and tech team
  • Identifying new members for the sound and tech team, encouraging, onboarding and equipping them to serve 
  • Pastoring and discipling members of the music, sound and tech teams 

3. Other Responsibilities

  • Regularly update inventories of music equipment and AV equipment
  • Maintenance, repair, storing and purchasing of music and AV equipment
  • Regular reporting to CCLI
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of Christian music and introducing new songs in a consistent and appropriate manner

The successful applicant is likely to have:

  • At least 12 months experience in a similar role
  • Excellent musicianship and organisational skills
  • A heart for ministry and the growth of the church
  • An ability to work under the Rector and as part of a dynamic, creative team
  • A robust evangelical theology and confidence in applying this to the context of corporate gatherings
  • An ability to articulate an evangelical theology of singing and music to our church.

Please send your application, CV and the contact details of two referees to

Applications for this position will be kept open until a suitable candidate is found. 




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