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F/T Assistant Minister (Congregation Minister)

Church Hill Anglican
Location: Sydney, NSW
Date advertised: 2nd August 2022
Job Type: Full time
Closing Date: When ready

The Parish of Church Hill is seeking expressions of interest for the position of Assistant Minister. The successful candidate will most likely be responsible for the ministry at The Garrison Church, or in consultation with the Rector, for one or two of the congregations at St Philip’s. 

They will also be given responsibility for another area of ministry, according to gifting. 

The position is available as soon as the successful candidate becomes available. Church Hill seeks to ‘fill the City with Christ’s Gospel’ from our two centres: St Philip’s (York Street in the City) and Holy Trinity (the Garrison Church in Miller’s Point). 

The ministry tasks will be determined, after prayer and dialogue, by their gifts and experience. The successful candidate will work with the Rector towards the vision and mission set by him, the staff and Parish Council, and will have a responsibility for innovative ministry and creative leadership of the Garrison Church if this is the best fit, or another congregation after prayer and discernment. 

The successful applicant will need to be a committed, evangelical Christian, humble (to work on a team), joyful (to enhance the team), hardworking, an example to the Garrison congregations, a teacher of God’s word, an evangelist to the lost, faithful to the gospel and fruitful in a similar role. 

Assuming responsibility for the Garrison Church, the ministry priorities for our new team member may include: 

  • To consider how the Garrison Church might be used to ‘fill the City with Christ’s teaching’ (Acts 5:2). 
  • To lead and to grow the ministry at the Garrison Church, working with the Rector (who will help with preaching as arranged) and the Music Director (with Service Formation and Music). The successful candidate will have primary pastoral, evangelistic and training oversight of the Garrison, while working within the vision and mission of the Parish. 
  • To preach at the Garrison Church, and St Philip’s from time to time, after prayer and planning. 
  • To assist the staff with theological depth and insight, with a view to serving and speaking to the city with good, practical gospel resources. 
  • To contribute to whole church activities as they arise. 
  • To organise (although not necessarily lead) five or six Military commemorative services and to consider their future. 

There will be other possibilities, but these will be set as we pray with the potential applicants. 

In recognition of the candidate’s senior role in the ministry of the church, Church Hill will remunerate the position in line with the Anglican Church of Sydney’s guidelines for stipend and allowances of an Assistant Minister. 


  • Speaking and reaching the City Workers
  • Music Ministry in the Parish
  • Kids and Youth


  • Experience in pastoral ministry and preaching 
  • Ability to lead a team of lay people
  • Theological qualification, and possibly ordination
  • A current and verified Working with Children Check and up to date Safe Ministry Training


  • A demonstrated ability to build teams and start new initiatives
  • A proven ability to develop a congregational strategic plan and implement it
  • Strong communication skills, including preaching
  • An ability to work autonomously
  • Creativity
  • A healthy EQ


This role represents an important leadership position at Church Hill and will report to the Rector, Justin Moffatt. This is a full-time position, but it could be negotiated with the candidate.

Please send your application, CV and the contact details of two referees to

Applications for this position will be kept open until a suitable candidate is found. 




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