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Property and Facilities Manager

Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC)
Location: Croydon, NSW
Date advertised: 7th September 2022
Job Type: Full time
Closing Date: Ideally, we are seeking to fill this position for a start date in early December

We're hiring! 

Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC) has a vision to the glory of God to see thousands of loving, skilled graduates bringing the light of Christ to a dark and needy world.  Its mission is to create learning communities through which God prepares his people – theologically, spiritually, and practically – to serve Jesus in diverse contexts and cultures.

This great role is to manage and maintain the SMBC property and facility assets and is a key position in the SMBC community. (Our current manager is moving from Sydney to regional NSW in mid-January 2023) 

We're seeking someone who is highly motivated with great communication skills who can effectively relate to and manage a  range of stakeholders. The person needs to be capable of overseeing multiple processes and delivering quality outcomes on time, and within budget.  We are seeking a person with experience in a process and problem-solving background with a practical bent.  Experience in the management of a similar property portfolio context will be well regarded.

For all the details about this key role head to:

To express your interest in this role, please email your CV along with a one-page listing of your strengths against the knowledge, skills, and experience required for this role, to Greg Swanton, Chief Operating Officer, at:




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