School Chaplain

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Calrossy Anglican School
Location: Tamworth, NSW
Date advertised: 10th September 2018
Job Type: Full time, Permanent
Closing Date: 24 September 2018

Applications are invited from appropriately qualified and experienced Ordained Christian Educators for the position of School Chaplain.  

The successful applicant will have strong leadership and management capacity and the ability and preparedness to further the Christian mission of Calrossy.

Role accountability

  • This position is ultimately responsible to the Principal.
  • The successful applicant must be eligible to be licensed by the Bishop of Armidale and work within the ethos and expectations of clergy in the Diocese
  • Calrossy is a Childsafe School and all appointees must hold a current Working With Children Check

Collaborates With

  • Heads of Primary and Secondary School
  • Middle Leaders P-12
  • Wellbeing Team
  • Christian Studies Department
  • School Staff – Teaching and Support and Operational
  • Calrossy Anglican School Board
  • Head of Boarding
  • School Executive

The fundamental purpose of the position

The Chaplain is to provide spiritual leadership to the school community, overseeing and contributing to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and promoting the implementation of the Christian Mission and Vision of School.

School background

Our proud heritage

Calrossy is a leading Anglican Day and Boarding School located in Tamworth, a thriving regional centre in the North-West of NSW.  The School will celebrate its centenary in 2019.  Since 2008 it has grown to become coeducational, catering for approximately 1000 girls and boys from Pre-School to Year 12.  The School has 200 boarders.

Calrossy emphasises a strong, flexible academic programme, and is committed to teaching in an authentic Christian context.  As a Christian School within the Anglican Diocese of Armidale, the School’s values are set in an environment of Christian belief, promoting academic and personal excellence, and a culture of godly virtues and worthiness of each person, individually and in the community.

Christian education is foundational to our culture and ethos.

A long heritage of partnership with the Armidale Anglican Diocese establishes a firm foundation for the School as a dynamic Christian community.

Calrossy education values young people as those precious in God’s sight who should in our care grow in wisdom and the knowledge of God as well as of His world.  The School’s aim is that authentic Christian understanding is to inform all learning.  We have strong pastoral structures that seek to nurture wellbeing, promoting understanding and commitment to care for one another within an inclusive School community.

A stimulating learning environment

Calrossy seeks to be a forward thinking school, creating innovative and modern working environments that enhance student learning, fostering a passion and a culture of participation in all aspects of School life.

Well known for our outstanding and distinctive pastoral care, Calrossy is a place of belonging, where each student’s wellbeing is nurtured, catering for individual special needs and potential.

Calrossy is a community of learners, academically driven, and aims to make learning accessible to all students.  The School has a comprehensive enrolment, the majority continuing through to Year 12. More than 85 per cent of our Year 12 leavers will enter tertiary study, following completion of the Higher School Certificate.

Regional Environment

Calrossy is located in Tamworth which is a leading and growing regional centre in Northern New South Wales.  There exist strong connections to the local community.  The School provides boarding facilities for both boys and girls.  A Trade Centre and comprehensive Agriculture and Primary Industry programmes reinforce the strong links with rural NSW.


In the Primary Years, pastoral care is largely class teacher focussed, though the Counsellors and Chaplains are involved as required.  In the Secondary School the School Chaplain oversees the responsibilities of the Leaders of Wellbeing regarding pastoral issues and initiatives.  All students in the School are involved in a variety of charitable activities.

Our mission

Calrossy Anglican School aspires to be the leader in regional New South Wales through excellence in education and connection to community, with a Christ centred focus.

Our vision

Calrossy Anglican School seeks to create a dynamic, caring, Christian environment in which girls and boys may grow to be adults of faith, integrity and compassion who value learning and pursue life with confidence and initiative, committed to excellence and truth.

Our core values

To consolidate our Christian journey Calrossy Anglican School focuses on four core values:

  • Integrity is a constant in character that transcends the context in which the person finds themselves. Integrity requires courage and produces honesty, truthfulness and loyalty.
  • Selflessness is the ability to put the needs of others above one’s own. Selflessness requires sacrifice and bears the fruit of humility, thoughtfulness and love.
  • Inclusiveness builds diversity in community and counteracts prejudice with acceptance.  Inclusiveness is at the heart of mateship, promotes friendship and denies a foothold to loneliness. It is not an absolute value of inclusiveness at all costs.  It gathers what is good and just, but rejects what is evil and unjust.
  • Resilience means ‘bouncing back’ from adversity and not giving up. Resilience is perseverance in a place of suffering which builds responsibility, patience and character.

We strive to see Christian faith at work through service and ministry.  As Jesus paid attention to everyone, so must we.

Our strategic plan

Our School has an exciting strategic plan based on building on school strengths and consolidating Calrossy as a leading coeducational day and boarding school in regional New South Wales.


The Calrossy Board meets monthly and plays an active part in the School’s financial planning, governance, risk management, development and monitoring.  The Board and the School have a strong affiliation with the Anglican Diocese of Armidale and is a member of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW). The Chaplain attends Board Meetings as an ex-Officio member.

School management

David Smith is the Principal, having commenced at Calrossy in 2017.  Mr Smith is overseeing the development of Calrossy in its next phase, as the school approaches it Centenary in 2019. The Principal is assisted with the day-to-day running of the School by the Executive Leadership Team comprising:

  • Deputy Principal
  • School Chaplain
  • Business Manager
  • Head of Secondary
  • Assistant Heads of Secondary (Campus based)
  • Head of Primary
  • Director of Quality Teaching
  • Head of Boarding
  • Director of Studies
  • Head of Human Resources

The fortnightly Executive Leadership Team meeting is chaired by the Principal.

Secondary Staff, Leaders of Wellbeing and Heads of Department also meet regularly.

School Chaplain Position description

Accountabilities and responsibilities of the position

Supporting the School’s Christian Mission

  • Actively support and live out the Christian mission of Calrossy in a manner that is inclusive and sensitive to the life experiences of students, parents and staff
  • Lead School chapel services and staff devotions
  • At all times promote the School’s Christian core values in ways that are practical and accessible
  • Promote an integrated model of teaching and service to all aspects of school life
  • Reflect a strong commitment to serve others in the school community

Christian Worldview

  • Lead the development of an integrated Christian Worldview across the school community
  • Promote school-wide conversation on how the Christian faith intersects with life and purpose in Australia in the 21st Century
  • Identify and develop school practices that promote Christian perspectives and ethics
  • Oversee the evaluation of Christian practices in the school
  • Lead respectful debate and development of Christian thinking in a safe environment for the exploration of the implications of Christian Worldview in everyday life
  • Represent the best interests of the school and professionally serve the school community; students, staff, parents & alumni.
  • Be up-to-date with contemporary children and young people, understanding their needs and possess skills in relating to them

Events and Gatherings

  • Oversee the planning and leading of Chapel services in the Secondary School (Years 7-12) and Chaplaincy-led assemblies in the Primary School (Prep-6), in partnership with the other Chaplaincy staff
  • Oversee lunchtime student meetings: ‘CrUnch’ ISCF Group ‘Light’ SUPA Club and ‘Invert’ ISCF Group - ensuring the lunchtime meetings are faithfully prepared and conducted
  • Plan and organise whole school events and special ceremonies: whole-school Chapels, Foundation Services, ANZAC Commemoration, Community Prayer Breakfasts, Carol Services, Termly Boarder services, Christian camps
  • Promote involvement of students in Diocesan Youth Camps and connect with local church youth groups and churches
  • Support and promote student involvement in school service activities, programs, tours and visits

Student and Staff wellbeing

  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with students to support their education
  • Support programmes which have the benefits and progress of the students at their core
  • Contribute to the student Wellbeing Programme in conjunction with the Head  and Leaders of Wellbeing contributing to the development of a wellbeing framework in the school.
  • Share concerns and feedback from staff to the Principal and School Executive

Parent and Community liaison

  • Work with parents of students offering support, guidance and care as required
  • Represent the Christian face of the school at functions within the school and the wider community
  • Update the community regularly via the school Newsletter
  • Contribute to the pastoral support of students and their families
  • Act as a point of connection between local churches and the school community

Teaching and learning

  • Prepare lessons for and teach Christian Studies
  • Work with the Chaplaincy Department collaboratively as part of an educational team for the provision of engaging lessons in Christian Studies
  • Assist in the development of resources and ICT use in the teaching of Christian Studies
  • Assist the integration of Christian perspectives appropriately into the broader curriculum
  • Possess knowledge of the NESA policies and be eligible for teacher accreditation (desired)
  • Liaise with the Director of Studies/Director of Teaching and Learning on the approach to pedagogy and learning of Secondary students in Christian Studies

Other Duties

  • Provide general leadership, assistance and support to the Chaplaincy/Christian Studies team.
  • Contribute to and participate in the recruitment, selection and induction of new Christian Studies staff, allocating teaching duties and responsibilities.
  • Participate in the induction of new staff and facilitating their ongoing contribution to the school’s Christian mission.
  • Ensure the supervision, training and encouragement of student leaders.
  • Oversee the development of CAS as a regional training centre (in partnership with MTS, Youthworks and EdComm), attracting graduate MTS apprentices and Year 13 trainees who may train for school ministry or teaching
  • Be actively involved with the activities of the clergy of the Armidale Diocese: Clergy Conferences, Synods and gatherings.
  • Monitor professional development for Chaplaincy Team.
  • Maintain accounts and expenses for the Chaplaincy budget.
  • Encourage prayerfulness throughout the school.
  • Appropriate involvement in the co-curricular life of the school

Desired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Anglican Clergyman, eligible to be licensed by the Bishop of Armidale.
  • Ability to connect with young people
  • Capacity for leadership and contribution to a dynamic team
  • Knowledge and practice of evangelistic strategies to youth
  • Demonstrated capacity to work with young people, preferably in a school setting and ideally through teacher training and experience
  • Insight to contribute to school strategic planning and creative and innovative approaches to Christian studies teaching
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others in design of programs with a commitment to clear communication
  • Capacity to deal with issues of apologetics related to blockers of faith, commonly expressed by adolescents
  • Ability to work with faculties to integrate Christian world view thinking into their teaching
  • Preparedness to fulfil the role of resident theologian as point of contact for staff
  • Pastoral experience and capacity to nurture and comfort young people, staff and parents in times of need
  • Willingness to work beyond school hours, including in pastoral settings and week end camps
  • The Chaplain is expected to be a member of one of the four local Anglican Churches in the Tamworth district.

Please forward applications for this position to the Principal, supported by a letter of introduction, appropriate Curriculum Vitae and the Calrossy application form via

A salary package will be negotiated in accordance to the Independent Schools NSW Hybrid Model (Teachers) Multi-Enterprise Agreement or through Armidale Anglican Clergy Stipendiary Entitlements.

Queries about this position can be directed to the Head of Human Resources, Sandy Cudmore via

Applications close at midday on Monday 24 September 2018.