Head of Primary

Read Head of Primary
Calrossy Anglican School
Location: Tamworth, NSW
Date advertised: 10th September 2018
Job Type: Full time
Closing Date: 23 September 2018

Applications are invited from appropriately qualified and experienced Christian Educators for the position of Head of Primary School.  

The successful applicant will have strong leadership and management skills, skills in change management and the ability and preparedness to further the Christian mission of Calrossy in the Primary School. This position is a non-teaching Executive position.

Role accountability

This position is ultimately responsible to the Principal.

Reports to this position

  • Primary Stage Coordinators
  • Primary Teaching Staff
  • Sport Administration Team - Primary
  • PA to Primary

Collaborates With

  • Deputy Principal (P-12)
  • The Director of Wellbeing
  • Head of Secondary
  • Director of Quality Teaching and Learning
  • Head of Learning Support
  • Primary P & F Auxiliary

Special conditions

You will be expected to support the Christian mission and ethos of the school and adhere to the School’s policies. The school constitution (under an ordinance of the Synod of the Diocese of Armidale) states that the Heads should be a member of a Christian Church.

The fundamental purpose of the position

To lead and grow the efficient and effective operation of the Calrossy Primary School

School background

Our proud heritage

Calrossy is a leading Anglican Day and Boarding School located in Tamworth, a thriving regional centre in the North-West of NSW.  The School celebrates its centenary in 2019.  Since 2008 it has grown to become coeducational, catering for approximately 1000 girls and boys from Pre-School to Year 12.  There are approximately 370 students in the Primary.

Calrossy emphasises a strong, flexible academic programme, and is committed to teaching in an authentic Christian context.  As a school within the Anglican Diocese of Armidale, our values are set in an environment of Christian belief, promoting academic and personal excellence, and a culture of godly virtues and worthiness of each person, individually and in the community.

Christian education is foundational to our culture and ethos.

Calrossy education values young people as those precious in God’s sight who should in our care grow in wisdom and the knowledge of God as well as of His world.  The School’s aim is that authentic Christian understanding is to inform all learning.  We have strong pastoral structures that seek to nurture wellbeing, promoting understanding and commitment to care for one another within an inclusive School community.

A stimulating learning environment

Calrossy seeks to be a forward thinking school, creating innovative and modern working environments that enhance student learning, fostering a passion and a culture of participation in all aspects of School life.

Well known for outstanding and distinctive pastoral care, Calrossy Primary is a place of belonging, where each student’s wellbeing is nurtured, catering for individual special needs and potential.

Calrossy is a community of learners, academically driven, and aims to make learning accessible to all students.  The Primary School is a separate section of the school and the Head of Primary enjoys great autonomy. Primary administration and a Health Centre operate on the William Cowper Campus as shared facilities with one section of our Secondary department.

Regional Environment

Calrossy is located in Tamworth, a leading and growing regional centre in Northern New South Wales.  There exist strong connections to the local community.  The School provides boarding facilities for Secondary boys and girls.  A Trade Training Centre and comprehensive Agriculture and Primary Industry programmes reinforce the strong links with rural NSW.


In the Primary Years, pastoral care is largely class teacher focussed, though the School Psychologists and Chaplains are involved.  The school has developed a K-6 wellbeing framework.

Our mission

Calrossy Anglican School aspires to be the leader in regional New South Wales through excellence in education and connection to community, with a Christian focus.

Our vision

Calrossy Anglican School seeks to create a dynamic, caring, Christian environment in which girls and boys may grow to be adults of faith, integrity and compassion who value learning and pursue life with confidence and initiative, committed to excellence and truth.

Our core values

Calrossy Anglican School focuses on four core values:

  • Integrity is a constant in character that transcends context.  Integrity requires courage and produces honesty, truthfulness and loyalty.
  • Selflessness is the ability to put the needs of others above one’s own.  Selflessness requires sacrifice and bears the fruit of humility, thoughtfulness and love.
  • Inclusiveness builds diversity in community and counteracts prejudice with acceptance.  Inclusiveness is at the heart of mateship, promotes friendship and denies a foothold to loneliness.  It is not an absolute value of inclusiveness at all costs.  It gathers what is good and just, but rejects what is evil and unjust.
  • Resilience means ‘bouncing back’ from adversity and not giving up.  Resilience is perseverance in a place of suffering which builds responsibility, patience and character.

We strive to see Christian faith at work through service and ministry. 

Childsafe Organisation

Calrossy is committed to being a Childsafe school, with high standards of care and practices to ensure the safety and protection of children. Every staff member must have a current Working With Children Check and is required to actively support the promotion of a safe learning environment.

Our strategic plan

Our School has an exciting strategic plan based on building on school strengths and consolidating Calrossy as the leading coeducational day and boarding school in regional New South Wales.


The Calrossy Board meets monthly and plays an active part in the School’s financial planning, governance, risk management and development.  The Board and the School have a strong affiliation with the Anglican Diocese of Armidale and is a member of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW).

The Head of Primary contributes to the development and implementation of strategic planning and school policy. He/she is invited to attend Board meetings periodically.

School management

David Smith is the Principal, having commenced at Calrossy in 2017.  He is overseeing the development of Calrossy in its next phase, as the school approaches it Centenary next year.  

The Head of Primary is delegated responsibility of the operations in the Primary School. He or she is a member of the Executive Leadership Team comprising:

  • Deputy Principal
  • Business Manager
  • Head of Secondary
  • Assistant Heads of Secondary
  • Head of Primary
  • School Chaplain
  • Director of Quality Teaching and Learning
  • Head of Boarding
  • Head of Human Resources

The Executive meets fortnightly, chaired by the Principal.

Primary Staff and the Primary Executive also meet regularly.

Head of Primary Position description

Accountabilities and responsibilities of the position


  • Actively support and promote the Christian ethos of Calrossy in a manner that is inclusive and sensitive to the life experiences of students, parents and staff
  • At all times promote the School’s Christian core values in ways that are practical and accessible
  • Promote Calrossy as one school with a single mission and vision, operating across campuses

Primary School culture

  • Craft a culture to enable students to thrive academically, socially and spiritually
  • Coordinate the cultural tone, academic and disciplinary aspects of students in consultation with the Primary staff
  • Take an active and enthusiastic role in the day-to-day life of the School
  • Develop a team of staff who support the holistic growth of students
  • Be up-to-date with contemporary Primary educational pedagogical literature and research, connecting with professional networks including IPSHA and the HRIS Primary network
  • Coordinate regular assemblies celebrating events and achievements
  • With staff promote a One School identity under the existing Calrossy ‘Diamond Model’

Academic Culture

  • Assist in the promotion of a culture of high academic achievement in collaboration with the Director of Quality Teaching & Learning and Primary staff
  • Develop practices that will enhance the learning and growth of every student
  • Oversee effective feedback practices to parents and students
  • Advocate for the learning needs of all students in the Primary school

Student management

  • Support staff in the development and implementation of consistent Student Management Guidelines and related policies, promoting high expectations across the Primary school
  • Manage and monitor student compliance and disciplinary procedures

Student wellbeing

  • Provide leadership in managing the needs of students
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with students to support their education
  • Support programmes which have the benefits and progress of the students at their core
  • Oversee, develop, maintain and evaluate the delivery of the wellbeing programme
  • Craft a broad definition of success expressed in cultural, academic, spiritual and/or other terms as required.  With staff, support each student to find success, to develop their talents and a sense of achievement
  • Liaise with the Stage Co-ordinators on matters pertaining to the Primary students and their stage of growth and welfare
  • Promote initiatives to maximise the potential for success that may be possible for each individual
  • Support systematic record keeping of pastoral and academic notes

Staff Development

  • Liaise with the Director of Quality Teaching and Learning in developing a programme of Professional Learning appropriate to the needs of the school
  • Assist in the development and promotion of collective staff efficacy and ownership
  • Support the development of effective staff appraisal practices
  • Lead the NESA accreditation processes of Primary staff
  • Present to the Principal concerns and feedback from staff
  • Parent and Community liaison
  • Work with parents of students offering support, guidance and care as required
  • Promote and market the School in various events and functions
  • Organise appropriate representation of the School at functions within the school and the wider community
  • Liaise with the School P & F and Primary P & F Auxiliary, assisting in various parent events
  • Update the community regularly via a regular school Newsletter
  • Attend School and community events and functions as a representative of the School

Teaching and learning

  • Lead staff effectively with special reference to effective pedagogy
  • Model effective teaching practices
  • Possess a thorough knowledge of the NESA policies
  • Liaise with the Director of Teaching and Learning and staff as to pedagogy and learning of Primary students
  • To promote the effective implementation of teaching and learning practices that reflect the AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • Work collaboratively as part of an educational team for the provision of a quality learning environment and curriculum


  • Promote and market Calrossy as a preferred place of education to prospective parents and students including our own Secondary School
  • Collaborate with staff and parents to provide effective support for Year 6 as they commence Secondary School
  • Plan and coordinate ceremonies and events for students at their end of Primary School
  • Plan and coordinate with Stage Co-ordinators for various celebration and rite of passage events
  • Support staff in assisting children and families in the transition from Early Learning to Prep and Kindergarten


  • Establish, monitor and evaluate policies, practices and systems to ensure the smooth running of the Primary School
  • Work with the Primary PA to ensure smooth administrative operation of the Primary School, including parent events, communication, record keeping, student services and staff matters
  • Work with staff to oversee the replacement of teachers on leave, absent or sick and ensure appropriate staffing of the Kookaburra Club (Out of Hours Care)
  • Advise the Principal and Deputy Principal of the staffing needs of the Primary School
  • Develop agendas, chair and keep suitable records of regular Primary staff meetings
  • Participate as a member of the School Executive and other relevant sub-committees
  • Implement and oversee suitable processes which ensure the quality of Primary School reports
  • Oversee the development of annual budgets and regulate approved expenditure, in partnership with the Business Manager and Principal
  • Oversee the planning of the calendar of school events, in consultation with the Deputy Head and School Executive.
  • Approve and monitor school excursions, field trips and other school activities
  • Interview prospective students and collaborate with the Registrar in the enrolment process and with marketing of the school
  • Coordinate and liaise with Chaplaincy staff and student leaders in the planning and running of Primary Chapel and Assembly gatherings
  • Collaborate with other operational areas of the school – Registrar, Business Manager, Marketing, Information Technology, Grounds/Maintenance, Catering and Finance  – to achieve the objectives of the School
  • Assist in the development and production of external school publications including regular newsletters, magazines and Yearbook
  • Support excellent practice in the keeping of school records and data collection
  • Oversee and organise the selection process and induction of Primary student leaders
  • Management of large volumes of data – forms, student information curriculum documents, e-mail etc
  • Liaise with and support the Director of the Calrossy Preschool, located on the Brisbane Street Campus

The successful candidate will be responsible for the leadership, growth and development of our Primary campus. Desirable skills are leadership in excellent teaching and learning, understanding of student development and wellbeing and capacity to effectively lead a team concerned for the holistic growth of children.

Christian Education is foundational to our culture and ethos and applicants should demonstrate their support of this. 

Position description and details of the school’s application process are available on the Calrossy Anglican School website under Employment. Applicants should complete the Calrossy application form as well as forwarding their personal curriculum vitae.


Queries about this position can be directed to the Head of Human Resources, Sandy Cudmore via sandy.cudmore@calrossy.nsw.edu.au

Applications close on Sunday 23 September.