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Connecting Pastor

St Lucia Bible Church
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Date advertised: 13th September 2022
Job Type: Full time
Closing Date: 1st December 2022

Who is St Lucia Bible Church.

St Lucia Bible Church is a Reformed Evangelical Church and a member of the FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches). We have been meeting in St Lucia near UQ or on UQ for 26 years. Currently there are two congregations. One family congregation meeting at Ironside State School with people from many nations in attendance and a second meeting at the University of Queensland of an evening, primarily consisting of university students. Our desire is to present Christ to everyone and present everyone mature in Christ. We are committed to making mature and equipped disciples of Jesus.

Under God we are looking for a man with the Character, Convictions, Competency and Capacity to be part of our senior ministry team to oversee the connecting and maturity portfolios primarily at our morning congregation.

Position description:  Connecting Pastor SLBC

The role is primarily one which ensures the integration of newcomers and pastoral care of those in our church. As such it is necessarily people intensive with occasional preaching duties. It is envisaged that this will be a fulltime position subject to God providing the ongoing finances to fund it.

Connecting Pastor:  Expectations

1. Character - We require a 1 Timothy 3 qualified man who can:

  • Set an example for the believers in their manner of life and doctrine
  • Be seen growing in teachability, humility and submission to God’s word
  • Demonstrate their pastoral heart for others.
  • Willingly be part of a team and lead other teams in ministry

2. Convictions – We need a person who holds

  • Commitment to a reformed evangelical and complementarian theology
  • Agreement with our doctrinal statement, statement of mission, and position papers.
  • That Heaven and hell are real
  • The Cross of Christ is central to salvation
  • Life is short and so the task of evangelism is urgent
  • Love compels us to take the gospel to all people everywhere

3. Competency – We are looking for a person who can:

  • Relate to people with wisdom, maturity, insight and understanding.
  • Demonstrate a proven track record of caring for people both individually and systematically.
  • Ably equip the saints for ministry.
  • Oversee the welcoming and connection of newcomers at SLBC primarily at Morning church and the administration that goes with it. This will be done primarily as you Equip, train and lead a team of people to welcome and follow up people along our membership pathway
  • Lead our morning church growth group ecosystem by casting vision, and providing encouragement, equipping and timely resourcing for our men’s, women’s and mixed groups.
  • Establish new Growth Groups to ensure the capacity to cater for ongoing growth
  • Facilitate the connection of members from the Unichurch congregation into the life of the morning church congregation
  • Facilitate the connection of members at Unichurch into the homes of Morning church members
  • Perform relevant administrative work as required
  • Recruit and train others in the following levels of leadership.

                  i) Identify, train and nurture SLBC members for your teams.
                 ii) Identify, train and nurture leaders for your teams.
                 iii) Empower team leaders to recruit, train and nurture new members to their teams.

4. Capacity – This person is able to:

  • Manage themselves and be a self-starter in ministry initiatives.
  • Work from home in the environment of a church without property
  • Preach publicly on occasion as determined by the senior pastor.
  • Lead and participate in other activities as agreed to from time to time within the staff team environment

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Theological Qualification of at least BTh Level from a reformed evangelical college
  • Ideally 3 to 5 years pastoral team ministry experience.

Commencement date:

Early 2023. (We are seeking the right person in God’s time)


Remuneration will be set in according to our remuneration guidelines.

Please send expressions of interest along with a resume to Roy Davidson by email or call 0419 761 882 for further information about this postion. 




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