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Director of Mercy

City on a Hill
Location: Melbourne, VIC
Date advertised: 8th November 2021
Job Type: Full time
Closing Date: 19th December 2021

About us

Our story began in 2007 with a small team and a big vision to make a difference in Melbourne for the good of all people and the glory of God.

Meeting initially as a small group bible study in a city apartment, in October of that same year we launched our first public service in a pub in Melbourne’s Docklands.

Gripped by the good news of Jesus, we prayed that God would establish a community of faith that would experience his beauty, truth, and relevance in a timely and contextual way. Like a “city on a hill” that shines in the midst of darkness, so we wanted the light, love and life of God to emanate brightly in and through our lives for our good, the good of our city and the glory of his name.

Throughout our journey, God has done incredibly more than we could ever think or imagine. We have seen hundreds of men and women find new life in Christ and enter the waters of baptism. We have celebrated with those who have reconnected back to following Jesus. We’ve seen God inspire leaders and volunteers to care for the poor and marginalised, pioneer new ministries, train leaders, equip and send out missionaries near and far, and open many doors for the gospel.

Since our inception, we have witnessed a special work of God’s grace. We are now a movement of eight churches, across five cities, united together by a vision to reach 10 cities with the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus by planting 50 churches.

City on a Hill is a movement of men, women and children, united by a simple mission:

To know Jesus and make Jesus known

Driven by the unconditional, sacrificial and merciful love of God in the person and work of Jesus, we want our churches to shine the light of love, justice and hope in our world. That as we seek to be a “City on a Hill”, the marginalised, the homeless, the poor, the lost, the sick and the forgotten members of our communities would receive and know the love of Jesus through the compassion, mercy and care of his people.

One of the unique features of City on a Hill Melbourne is our positioning in the heart of our city. The city holds out unique and distinct opportunities to serve the poor and homeless. With Melbourne CBD as the ‘parish’ in which God has positioned our church, we seek to serve and reach out to those around us where we are the local church.

Many Rooms was birthed in 2009, as a mercy ministry outpost of City on a Hill Melbourne.

Since then, our Many Rooms teams have faithfully served the homeless and marginalised of our city through various initiatives including: the CBD Kitchen (Fridays); the North Melbourne Kitchen (Saturdays); Care pack collation and distribution (Eat-on-the-street packs; Hygiene packs; Winter Care packs; Hospital helper packs); and COVID emergency food programs. The Living Room (Community Visitors Scheme) has also paired Many Rooms volunteers with isolated vulnerable elderly for friendship and care.

The vision was always for Many Rooms to have many rooms – many places, programs and initiatives that serve the marginalised of our city with the love of Jesus - many opportunities for our church community to shine the light of Jesus – and many lives transformed by the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus.

Role summary

The Director of Mercy will join as a senior member of the leadership team at City on a Hill Melbourne, to provide direction and oversight to our Mercy Ministries, along with contributing to the overall vision and strategy of the church as part of the Melbourne Vision & Strategy team. 

In early 2020 we articulated new strategic priorities for each of our local churches. The first of these being to ‘pioneer mission and mercy’. For City on a Hill Melbourne, this means a renewed commitment to serving the marginalised of our city through acts of mercy in Jesus’ name.

We are thankful for the opportunities we have had so far, and the lives impacted through Jesus’ love. But we believe we can do more. And we want to do more. As we seek to deepen our ministry and mission to Melbourne's homeless, we would like to explore ways we can also inspire and support the leadership of our other City on a Hill churches and ministries.

The Director of Mercy at City on a Hill Melbourne, will oversee the Many Rooms Team, including our Kitchen Coordinator and a team of 100+ volunteers.

The Director of Mercy is a full-time position, based in Melbourne and reports to the Senior Pastor of City on a Hill.

For more information regarding key duties & responsibilities, skills and character requirements, and details on how to apply, please visit




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