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Accounting Manager

Benkorp Management Services
Location: Work from home. Sydney preferred.
Date advertised: 24th December 2020
Job Type: Full time
Closing Date: 31 January 2021

Unique opportunity to serve God with your bookkeeping or accounting skills and continue working from home.

Benkorp is growing and is looking for an Australian based person to manage & support the team and our clients raise the standard of financial management of churches and NFPs for God’s glory.

We are looking for a person who:

  • Has a passion to raise the standard of financial management of churches and NFPs for God’s glory
  • Has had good experience in the financial management of churches in Australia
  • Has had more that 5 years providing bookkeeping, payroll, management accounting and audit preparation services to multiple NFP organisations
  • At least 4 years Xero experience
  • Successfully worked in a team or managed a team that provides bookkeeping services to clients.

About Benkorp Management Services

The team at Benkorp is passionate about working with churches and not for profit organisations to help them “raise the standard of their financial management for God’s Glory”.

Jeanette and Cecil, the directors, are accountants and former pastors, and have a deep understanding of Churches and Christian organisations, which creates the foundation for Benkorp to specialise in church accounting.

It has become increasingly difficult to find volunteer treasurers and others with time and skill to do the bookkeeping, meet compliance requirements as well as reporting and budgeting. So, churches turn to Benkorp for support - to setup the accounting system, train some church people and provide on going support, or Benkorp provides total service bookkeeping packages.

Goals for this position

  • Clients are highly satisfied in their relationship with Benkorp
  • Contract commitments with clients are achieved
  • Morale of the team is positive and each person understands they are valued
  • Benkorp’s values and ethics are honoured in all work and relationships
  • Improved process efficiencies

Key Responsibilities & Tasks - overview

  • Provide accounting and bookkeeping services for clients
  • Provide Xero setups and Training for clients
  • Manage & Lead staff to ensure accuracy, efficiency and timeliness of service provision in a friendly and professional manner
  • Positive and helpful relationships with clients
  • Continual review of processes & systems to increase efficiency and accuracy


  • Ability to provide a professional service delivered in a friendly and caring manner
  • Minimum of 5 years accounting or higher level bookkeeping experience - leading or within a team
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience with Australian Payroll
  • Detail oriented, organised
  • Experience in working with Not for Profit organisations – especially churches
  • Good Experience working with Xero Accounting Software in Australia
  • We willing and able to work from home


  • Experienced in leading a bookkeeping team
  • Australian Payroll training
  • Experience with using Apple Computers
  • Qualified BAS Agent
  • Good Experience with MYOB Accounting Software

Essential Communications

  • Excellent English in order to communicate verbally and written with Benkorp Team and especially with clients
  • Computer skills
  • Competent with computer operations and specific applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Gmail,
  • Experience with internet as a tool (not just web browsing), Google Chrome, Google Apps, mobile-apps, eg does own banking online
  • You must be keen to learn and develop their computer and other competencies.

More detailed Job Description

1. Provide Accounting & Bookkeeping Services for our Clients

  • Regular review of ongoing bookkeeping & accounting client’s accounts to ensure accurate financial management reporting.
  • Be proactive in dealing with client requirements and in responding to client requests and assessing the need for special responses from the Benkorp Team
  • Responsible for payroll processes & accuracy
  • Ensure Payroll is processed correctly for our clients in Xero
  • Ensure all client employee documentation is correct, up to date, sufficient and adheres to the ATO & Fair Work laws
  • Provide training in payroll for Benkorp staff
  • Particular oversight of the ‘more difficult’ transactions including Terminations
  • Assist with reasonable Employment Award management for clients
  • Oversight of the year-end reconciliation and ATO compliance functions for clients
  • Provide accounting support for particular clients as required
  • manage the on-boarding off new clients to ensure the clients and staff clearly understand roles & responsibilities and timing
  • Attend and lead meetings with clients as required

2. Provide Xero setups and Training Services for clients

  • Set up Xero accounting systems for clients, either standard packages or special agreements. Ensure that all features promoted (per website descriptions or agreements) are provided to clients
  • Provide Xero training as part of the setup packages or per special Agreements
  • Provide Xero consulting services for clients onsite or online as per Agreements
  • Provide support for particular clients as arranged per Engagement Agreements or ad hoc contracts

3. Manage & Lead staff to ensure accuracy, efficiency and timeliness of service provision in a friendly and professional manner

  • Lead and train our Benkorp team in communications with clients, personally and by example:
  • Provide prompt, professional and friendly responses to client emails & requests.
  • Communicate using language, tone, format and information that:
  • facilitates communication and ongoing communication
  • keeps positive client relationships
  • minimises the number of emails/communication instances required
  • Provide support and instruction to staff for dealing with particular allocations (CoA and TC’s) and accounting process issues.
  • Ensure accuracy of financial reports produced by our staff, from the client’s accounts, before sending to clients
  • Provide training to staff for particular and continuing accounting and compliance requirements and issues. Compliance includes government requirements and denominational church requirements.
  • lead the staff management processes including hiring, review and termination of staff

5. Continual review of processes & systems to increase efficiency and accuracy

  • Assist staff to manage the systems infrastructure for Benkorp’s administration
  • Lead in the best practice use of internal systems, especially with clients
  • Regular review of processes, systems and procedures to simplify and improve accuracy

Please request a more detailed Job Description, ask questions or send your job application to

Please note that emails will not be replied to before 4th January 2021.




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