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Maturity Director

Christ Church St Ives
Location: St Ives, NSW
Date advertised: 13th February 2024
Job Type: Full time, Permanent
Closing Date: 15 March 2024

Christ Church St Ives is seeking a full-time Maturity Director who has an infectious love for Jesus, is above reproach and is committed to a reformed, evangelical and complementarian theological framework.

Christ Church St Ives is a mid-size suburban Anglican Church that exists to build wholehearted disciples of Jesus who will transform the world with the Gospel of Jesus. Our staff team collaborate in accordance with a purpose driven model as we seek to serve our members who attend both in person and online. 

1. Position Purpose

The role of the Maturity Director is to see members of our church family get deep into God's Word and prayer in a way that impacts all of life. We want to see people built as wholehearted disciples of Jesus, and maturing as disciples is a key part of this work. The Maturity Director will recognise that a deep trust in and knowledge of the Word is the root from which all the other fruits of mature discipleship stem, including prayer.

Depending on the person, this role may also involve strategic oversight and leadership of one of our congregations including ensuring that our purpose strategies are being worked out in that congregation and some preaching.

2. Key Responsibilities

The Maturity Director will have responsibility for envisioning, overseeing and directing:

  • self-lead maturity - people engaging with God's Word themselves
  • one-to-one maturity - people growing together by reading God's Word
  • growth group maturity - small groups maturing together through God's Word
  • household maturity - households maturing together through God’s Word (in conjunction with the Children's, Youth and Families Ministry Team)
  • congregational maturity - congregations growing mature in Christ

This will include:

  • Helping church members become regular and theologically rich prayers 
  • Managing our growth group program including growing attendance, providing material and recruiting, training and caring for leaders
  • Initiate and oversee topical maturity events e.g. on parenting, marriage, money etc.
  • Initiate and oversee men’s and women’s specific maturity initiatives

Everything within our ministries that involves people maturing as Chirstians is the concern of the Maturity Director but the work will take place in collaboration with the staff team. This necessarily involves developing a knowledge of and sensitivity towards the general characteristics and needs of the members of each congregation and ministry.

This role may be coupled with a congregational oversight role where you will seek to ensure that each member of the congregation is being built as a wholehearted disciple of Jesus and that the structures around the congregation are actively serving this end.

More specific and detailed responsibilities and measurable outcomes will be worked out with the preferred candidate. Ongoing attention to personal Christian growth, ministry development, professional standards and WHS responsibilities are expected and encouraged in all members of our team.

3. Qualifications 

Candidates for this position will have:

  • Evidence of a life of discipleship in following Jesus and personal and professional commitment to see the gospel grow
  • Proven capability as a trainer with the ability to lead others
  • High level theological understanding with excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • A degree qualification from Moore Theological College (or another equivalent college)     
  • Ability to relate with a diverse range of people.

Desirably, candidates will have

  • Been ordained in the diocese of Sydney
  • Used Elvanto in a ministry context
  • Experience working within the purposes structure of church

This position is full time and offered with remuneration and benefits as articulated in the Sydney Anglican Diocese Remuneration Guidelines. A formal position description is available on request.

We seek to appoint the right people who will fit our team even if they don’t fully fit the position description. So, if as you read this ad you discover that there is something here that you aren't a fit for but you consider yourself a good candidate otherwise, please still apply. There may be flexibility for the right candidate.

To apply, please provide your resume along with a statement about your personal growth in faith over the last 12 months, and your ministry experience in helping people attain to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:13). This should be sent to

Position start date is as soon as possible. 

Applications close 15th March 2024. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Applications may be reviewed prior to the advertised closing date and as such this date may change without notice.

Please be aware that this job ad was placed and authorised only for the website.




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