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Admin Coordinator

Mission to Seafarers
Location: Millers Point, NSW
Date advertised: 7th March 2023
Job Type: Part time
Closing Date: 17 March 2023

Impact your world!

At Mission to Seafarers, we care about almost 2M Seafarers who are on ships at any time. The Seafarers job is tough and can be dangerous. They work long hours, enduring storms and high seas, to bring the cars, flat screen TVs and fuel from all over the world to make our lives comfortable. On the return journey they take our wheat, wool, iron ore and minerals to markets all over the world. You can help make their lives a little better, impact their world.

The Seafarers are confined on their vessels day and night. We get to go home at night and leave work behind, they do not. We help by offering giving them a break by offering a trip to the city to walk around the harbour, see the Opera House and chill for a little while. 

As Admin Coordinator, are able to keep the wheels of operations going. Help to collect the data to know how much we are doing, ensure bills are paid as some examples. We are flexible in the hours you are able to work as we are keen to attract someone who is keen to use their skills with us.

The key activities in this role are :-

  • Admin Management
  • Helping to ensure the operations runs smoothly
  • Collect the data of Seafarers impacted.
  • Capture SIM cards provided so we know who bought what.
  • Upload invoices to be paid.
  • Issuing receipts for donations.
  • Collating data on services provided and requesting support the work provided.
  • Cash management.
  • Supporting the Company Secretary to ensure we are extracting max value from every dollar.

+/- 16 hrs per week

  • Communication
  • Helping to get our newsletter out so our wonderful supports can see the great work going on.
  • Events
  • Supporting the events linked to the Fundraising Plan.

About you

We would like to attract a person who :-

Has a commitment to our vision and values

Demonstrated interest in the charity and philanthropy sector.

Humility and the ability to work and communicate effectively with colleagues and supporters.      

Numerate and accurate to reliably manage our operations.   

You may be a recent graduate or a gig worker or a person wanting to work part time, we would love to connect.

Please apply to, and attach a short cover note addressing the above and your CV to begin the process.

Please apply to and attach a short cover note addressing the above and your CV to begin the process.

Please be aware that this job ad was placed and authorised only for the website.




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