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F/T Assistant Minister (commencing 2025)

Sans Souci Anglican Church
Location: Sans Souci, NSW
Date advertised: 8th March 2024
Job Type: Full time, Permanent
Closing Date: End of year

Sans Souci Anglican Church is seeking a suitably qualified person, with the appropriate character and pastoral gifts, to serve as a full-time Assistant Minister (lay or ordained) commencing in 2025.  We would like someone who is theologically trained, and who can commit to being with us for at least three-years, although preferably open to staying longer.

The focus of this position is the oversight and development of our youth and young adults.

Our church longs to see Jesus proclaimed the King of every heart and every home.  We are actively committed to this mission, with a current focus on families and youth/young adults.  Our hope is to see growth occur amongst these significant demographics of our community across the next few years.  This position is critical to our hope.

There are many youth and young adults in our area who do not know Jesus, and our church longs for them to come to discover life in his name.  The appropriate person will therefore be passionate about youth and young adults, and able to relate to them.  They will be engaging and faithful teachers of God’s word, both upfront and in personal discipleship.  They will view ministry as needing constant care, and so will be continually developing and reviewing their responsibilities, to ensure their ministries are working most effectively.

We are willing to negotiate the role, based on the applicant’s skills and capabilities.  But we envision it could look something like the following.

Core responsibilities:

  1. Evening service.  We run an evening service for youth and young adults, which is followed by dinner and boardgames.  The AM will be responsible for all aspects of this service, including overseeing Sunday services, training its leaders, and discipling its members.
  2. Youth Group.  We run a Friday evening youth group called Impact, which is for youth in years 6 to 11.  The AM will be responsible for all aspects of this group, including overseeing its operation, training its leaders, and working with the team to disciple its members.
  3. Young Adults Ministry.  We run a Young Adults program called Over Time.  It involves a bible study that occurs weekly, and then occasional social events, training events, and outreach events.  At present, the bible study is run by two young adults, who are willing to continue in this role.  But it will be the role of the AM to work with the young adults to see this group develop and grow.

To develop the pipeline of children growing into youth and young adults as followers of Jesus, the AM may also be involved in:

  1. Kids Club.  This group runs on a Friday afternoon, and its leadership is the rector, his wife, plus some young adults from the church.  The AM may assist the rector in its running and development.
  2. Years 5-6 Scripture.  We teach Scripture at two local schools, Sans Souci PS and Ramsgate PS.  At both schools, years 5 and 6 are combined.  The AM may teach these classes with the goal of seeing kids transition into kids club or youth group.

How will you be cared for?
Our church is committed to caring for our ministry staff, and providing conditions in which they can flourish and grow.  The rector will therefore meet with you weekly, mentor you in your roles, and disciple you in your faith.  If you are female, the rector’s wife will also meet up with you regularly as well.  We understand that multiplying ministry takes time and training, and we are prepared to invest in you, so that you can do your best to serve Jesus.

What teaching opportunities will be provided?
Sans Souci Anglican Church is a complementarian church with a heart for having both men and women teach God’s word.  For a male assistant minister, this will involve preaching at both services of church.  For a female assistant minister, it will involve preaching at women’s events, youth group, and at young adult events.

What opportunities will this position provide?
There are three significant opportunities for development and growth within this position.  The first is the opportunity to work closely with the rector in seeing Sans Souci Anglican Church grow and develop.  We will together cast vision, set goals, and work on the ministry to see those come to fruition.  The second is the opportunity to develop as a leader, through having full responsibility for youth and young adult ministries.  Finally, for an AM looking to develop in a range of experiences beyond youth/young adults, we run ministries for people of all ages, and we are happy to make opportunities available across the church.  This may especially be important for someone intending to become a rector.

Who should apply for this job?
We are seeking a godly candidate with empathy and discernment, and who has the heart, skills, and vision for equipping God’s people to multiply ministry.  The desired candidate would also have a theological degree, preferably (but not necessarily) from Moore College, Youthworks, or SMBC.

Please send expressions of interest to or call Stephen on 0416 209 804.

Please be aware that this job ad was placed and authorised only for the website.




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