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Media release

Record Ordination Service

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney
Media Release

Archbishop Dr Peter Jensen says a record year of ordinations for the Sydney Diocese is a cause for thanks to God but has called for prayer that more men and women may be raised up for ministry.

Dr Jensen ordained 50 men and 6 women, and commissioned one lay worker in front of a packed congregation at St Andrew's Cathedral on Saturday 6th February.

"What we are seeing here today" Dr Jensen told the congregation "is wonderful evidence of the good work of God in our city. We're so delighted and thankful to God."

Parish support was vital for the candidates. Officials say as of October, 22 people were still without jobs but 2010 began with everyone being offered a position.

Even though he described the numbers as "extraordinary' Dr Jensen asked the rhetorical question "Is it enough? No. We need many, many more Christian workers for the task that is ahead of us. This is not enough."

Dr Jensen then asked the congregation to be in prayer for the raising up of more Gospel workers.

Most of the ordinands are destined for parish ministry, but as well as the record for overall numbers, it also marked the most school chaplains to be ordained in one year.






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