Anglicare and ARV plan merger

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The Council of Anglicare Sydney and the Board of Anglican Retirement Villages (ARV) have decided to pursue a merger of the two organisations.

Both organisations are key ministry arms of the Diocese of Sydney and touch the lives of around 60,000 people every week with care, assistance and services.

A recommendation will be made to the Standing Committee of the Diocese at its March meeting and if approved, a merger of the two organisations would take effect from 1 July, 2016.

Staff of both organisations were informed of the merger discussions late last week.

“A merged organisation working at the ‘front line’ in an increasingly diverse and demographically changing landscape will provide many opportunities for Christian care through the various settings in which it operates. Importantly, this will also provide many opportunities to present the gospel through a huge number of personal relationships and through a growing number of parish partnerships.” the staff memo said.

Staff were also told “The ability to expand, develop and amplify the public identity of a merged Anglicare and ARV could allow us greater opportunity to be recognised and utilised by more of those people we seek to serve.  This is an area that will be increasingly important as we provide services in an operating environment that is becoming progressively competitive.”  

The proposal is for a merged organisation to bring together Anglicare and ARV’s residential aged care, home care, retirement living and other community programs into a single organisation.  

“Collectively, Anglicare and ARV have more than 200 years of faithful service to the people of Greater Sydney.”  said Anglicare CEO Grant Millard. 

“Our aim is that a merged organisation would carry this legacy forward, embrace new opportunities and ensure the people of Greater Sydney are served by a forward-facing, gospel-focussed and mission-minded organisation that is well positioned to continue serving in Jesus’ name for many decades to come.” Mr Millard said.

ARV CEO Rob Freeman said the increased scale of the organisation “would enable us to reach out to even more people at the margins of society to provide the care and services that are key to our purpose”.

Both Mr Millard and Mr Freeman called for staff and Sydney Anglicans to uphold the consideration of this proposed merger in prayer in the coming weeks. 

Archbishop Glenn Davies also commented on the proposals, saying “As President of ARV and chair of Anglicare I know that both the respective governing bodies and their executive staff have worked hard in seeking ways to enhance the delivery of care in the name of Christ to the aged sector as well as other vulnerable persons in our society.” 

“They have developed a compelling case for the merger of these great organisations which will be presented to Standing Committee for their consideration and approval.” Dr Davies said.



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