Archbishop pays tribute to Newcastle bishop

Read Archbishop pays tribute to Newcastle bishop

Archbishop Glenn Davies says he learned 'with great sadness' of the resignation of Newcastle Bishop Greg Thompson.

Bishop Thompson has announced his resignation, citing ill health due to the strain of steering the diocese through child abuse scandals and a culture of 'cover-up'.

“When I started this journey to right the wrongs of child abuse in the Diocese I didn’t expect to be in this position, nor did I expect to uncover systemic practices that have enabled the horrendous crimes against children. The decision to resign was not an easy one, it weighed heavily on my heart.
However, I must place the wellbeing of my family and my health above my job.” Bishop Thompson said in a statement

Archbishop Glenn Davies said that in his short tenure, the Bishop had 'displayed remarkable courage, commitment and dedication in seeking to restore justice for the survivors of sexual abuse.'

Bishop Thompson has been a champion of this cause, and rightly so, as he has expressed his public and private apologies for the betrayal of trust by some members of the clergy in the Diocese of Newcastle over many years.

"His leadership has been exemplary in this regard. However, it has taken a heavy toll on his health, especially as he himself is a survivor of abuse. The courage and stand that Bishop Thompson has taken enables the diocese, having faced the past, to shape a healthy future as they seek to elect a new bishop later this year." Archbishop Davies said.



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