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Taiwanese minister Minted

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August 22, 2017The first person of a Chinese background to be ordained a presbyter in the Illawarra region, Mr Hung-En “Tallis” Tien, says he hopes this show of support by the Diocese will help his local ministry to Chinese-background people.

Coalition for Marriage website launched

Read Coalition for Marriage website launched

August 14, 2017The Coalition for Marriage, the leading voice for the plebiscite NO campaign has launched its official campaign website.

Leading educator appointed to EdComm

Read Leading educator appointed to EdComm

August 7, 2017Anglican EdComm, the Education Commission of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney has announced the appointment of Stephen Kinsella as its next Executive Director.

The message lives on

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August 1, 2017Mr Eternity could never have imagined he would have crowds of Sydney-siders remembering him 50 years after his death, but that's what happened at St Andrew's Cathedral on Sunday.

Build and grow

Read Build and grow

July 26, 2017The Archbishop’s New Churches for New Communities has unveiled a three-year fundraising plan for the construction of ministry facilities in growing areas.

Soldier support network

Read Soldier support network

July 19, 2017A ministry to returned servicemen and women is seeking to expand and equip local churches to create safe and caring environments for soldiers to reconnect with their Christian faith.

Freedom laws needed

Read Freedom laws needed

July 11, 2017The Diocese of Sydney, along with a number of other Christian groups, has called for special legislation to enshrine freedom of belief as a “positive right” in Australia, rather than as a negative “exemption” to other legislation.

Australian support for Missionary Bishop

Read Australian support for Missionary Bishop

July 3, 2017The Archbishop of Sydney, the Bishop of Tasmania and the Bishop of North West Australia have taken part in the consecration of a Missionary Bishop for Europe.

Faith counts

Read Faith counts

June 27, 2017The latest census figures showing a rise in the number of people reporting no religious affiliation do not show Australia is losing faith, according to the Dean of Sydney.

There’s no ministry like snow ministry

Read There’s no ministry like snow ministry

June 23, 2017Ministry is still going strong on the NSW snowfields with a residential holiday lodge and a church and chaplaincy program serving holidayers hitting the slopes.