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The ice man loveth

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December 3, 2017A Mt Druitt man has developed his own small ministry to the community, trying to raise awareness and encourage open conversations about the destructive force of crystal methamphetamine.

Mega-ministry in Darwin

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November 28, 2017A Sydney church is gearing up to embark on its eighth youth mission up to the Northern Territory, in partnership with local churches.

Mission 2020 updated

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November 23, 2017Synod has heard an update on the first year of Mission 2020, with mixed results but still featuring stories of success and people being changed by the gospel.

Chaplaincy serves fast movers

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November 19, 2017Air Force chaplaincy is continuing to grow, as an increasing number of chaplains cater to the emotional and spiritual needs of men and women serving Australia in difficult jobs – often in far-flung locations.

Marriage vote returns Yes majority

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November 15, 2017Archbishop Glenn Davies says he accepts the outcome of the postal plebiscite delivered this morning but warns there must be freedom of speech, conscience and belief for Christians and others who disagree.

Chaplaincy turns 10

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November 7, 2017It may not have been the most significant decision made by John Howard but, after 10 years, the public school chaplaincy program he introduced still makes a difference in the lives of 2000 students each week.

Bible (and science) to the rescue

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November 3, 2017What’s more scientific than a calculator, more colourful than fireworks, and able to teach the Bible to a room full of children in a single morning?

Engaging graciously

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October 30, 2017Archbishop Glenn Davies has told a national television audience that he and other church leaders would recognise same-sex marriage as law if the postal survey voted for it, but they would continue to uphold God’s design for marriage.

Purposefully porn-free

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October 24, 2017The Archbishop's Taskforce for Resisting Pornography is preparing an information website for those in the Diocese and further afield who need tools to help support the rejection of porn.

Life as God’s gift

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October 16, 2017An ongoing push in Australian parliaments for euthanasia or “assisted dying” has been unanimously rejected by Sydney’s Synod.