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Thousands turn to Christ amid ‘Africa’s World war’

March 31, 2003Five years of brutal civil war, hundreds of thousands of Christians forced to flee their homes, and almost no churches to meet in around most of the country. Far from ideal circumstances in which to be working in Christian ministry, but these are the challenges faced daily by Bishop Masimango Katanda, Archdeacon Muhindo Isesomo, and the Anglican Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

War poses imminent threat of persecution for Iraqi Christians

March 31, 2003Zewar Mohammed Ishmael, a former Muslim living and working in Northern Iraq, was killed in February when he refused to deny his faith in Jesus Christ.

New head for Christian culture centre

March 31, 2003The Rev Professor James Haire, National President of the Uniting Church in Australia, has been appointed Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture.

Sydney enters war for water

March 31, 2003As part of the International Year of Freshwater, the Archbishop's Overseas Relief and Aid Fund (ORAF) has joined the national ‘Water Matters‘ campaign.

Bishop Writes: I’m still looking for the ‘Diocese’

March 24, 2003Have you noticed that ‘the Diocese' is always somebody else? It is ‘them'. I have never found anybody who will admit they are ‘the Diocese'.

Merger boosts ministry along Darling St : South Sydney Report

March 24, 2003Sydney's inner west has a new parish that extends the length and breadth of cosmopolitan Darling Street. The new parish, aptly named Darling Street, combines the old parishes of St Mary's, Balmain and Rozelle Lilyfield, and officially came into being earlier this year.

Deryck Howell appointed Archdeacon : South Sydney Report

March 24, 2003Bishop Robert Forsyth has announced that the Rev Deryck Howell will be the new Archdeacon of the South Sydney region in the Diocese of Sydney.

St James looks to reach Asian migrants: South Sydney Report

March 24, 2003Former Sydneysider the Rev Atsushi Shibaoka recently returned to the city he left 30 years ago to take up a new post as Senior Associate Minister at St James' Church, King Street.

Eyes fixed on last days - Thousands flock to Men’s Convention

March 24, 2003This year more Sydney parishes took groups to Men's Convention, and many first-timers were among them

Too small to plant a new church? That’s what Hoxton Park thought

March 24, 2003The Rev Bruce Dingwall, rector of Hoxton Park Anglican Church, says his church is a small one that in many ways can't afford to be planting new churches. Despite this, the church has taken a risk and launched a new service, aimed at the many young families within its parish.