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Southern Cross editor resigns

May 26, 2003The editor of Southern Cross, Jeremy Halcrow, has resigned after five years in the hotseat. During his editorship Southern Cross won numerous awards while circulation and advertising revenue increased markedly.

Archbishop Jensen given ten more years to lead the Mission

May 26, 2003After an exhaustive two hour debate at its May meeting, the Standing Committee voted 32 votes to 10 to extend Archbishop Peter Jensen's retirement age from 65 to 70. The final motion agreed to by the Standing Committee said the decision had been made because of the ‘critical importance' of Dr Jensen's leadership to the diocesan Mission.

Do press attacks on ‘Jensenism’ help the Mission?

May 26, 2003Zac Veron says 'yes', Tim Foster says 'no'.

We can’t afford church, says Sydney

May 26, 2003When 16 per cent of Australians cannot always afford to pay their utility bills, how can they afford to give regularly to church? The situation is all too real in Sydney, according to church leaders, who say Christians struggling with the burden of high mortgages, car repayments and credit card debt have little or nothing to fund ministry.

Canadian decision may sink the Anglican ship

May 16, 2003In the wake of the Diocese of New Westminster's decision last year to bless same-sex unions, debate over which one of two Canadian bishops will have episcopal oversight of conservative parishes in the Diocese represents the latest round in the ongoing controversy.

True North : When Harry met Barry the truth won

April 28, 2003

True North : Drive-thru church still a winner after five years

April 28, 2003It's just over five years since the world's first drive-thru church (DTC) was born at St David's, Forestville. Making the front page of The Sydney Morning Herald, a lead story for Channel Nine News, and numerous radio stations, what has become of this oddity now?

True North: They are our neighbours and they have never heard of Jesus

April 28, 2003Rosemary Anderson, ESL Coordinator for Northern Region, describes her dream to introduce more migrants to Jesus.

Sydneysiders take STEP of faith in Africa

April 28, 2003Spending a month of hard-earned holidays in remote parts of Africa might not be everyone's idea of fun, but for Chris and Heather Rea it proved to be the opportunity of a lifetime, and one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of their lives.

A miracle amidst Middle East chaos

April 28, 2003Since joining SAT-7 in January last year, Mr du Plessis says he has been amazed at the impact the service is having in parts of the world where Christianity has traditionally had almost no voice.