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Both NSW Libs and Labor remain addicted to gambling

January 23, 2003Many Christians will be disappointed with the stance taken by both the State ALP and Coalition on one of the most crippling issues facing many families. Problem gambling continues to be a focus for many welfare agencies across the State with 2.1 per cent of the population suffering from moderate to severe gambling problems. Yet both parties have signalled there will be no change to State Government's reliance on gaming as a source of revenue, nor the current approach to addressing problem gambling in the community.

Georges River Region - Streamline 12/02

December 6, 2002Contains "Young blood to bring fresh approach" and "Are Christians the barrier to finding the lost?" by Geoff Huard.

Muslim violence not the whole story in Indonesia

December 6, 2002Many Muslims seek to live in peace, says Indonesian Christian

No peace in Solomons without South Africa-style truth and reconciliation

December 6, 2002A truth and reconciliation commission may be the only way to achieve sustainable peace in the Solomon Islands, according to Matthew Walle of the Solomon Islands Christian Association (SICA).

“We know salvation is life or death”

December 6, 2002Bishop Josiah says Australians must stop being polite about their faith if they want to match the more than 14 million people who regularly attend church in Nigeria each Sunday.

Australia’s fastest growing Anglican churches revealed

December 6, 2002It appears intentional strategy-setting, an emphasis on lay participation in ministry and preaching that connects with people's day-to-day lives are key factors for growing churches. These were the most commonly cited factors by clergy of Anglican parishes that doubled in average weekly attendence between 1996 and 2001, Southern Cross has found.

Rural ministry battles to survive ‘mother of all droughts’

December 6, 2002NSW is facing its most severe drought in over a century, with 99 per cent of the state declared drought affected. Yet there is vibrant and caring ministry happening in the state's western dioceses.

Nile ‘undermines religious freedom’

December 6, 2002Anglicans in Sydney have criticised remarks by Christian Democrat leader, the Rev Fred Nile, that the chador ‘worn only by Islamic extremists' should be banned in public places for security reasons.

Sydney finally embraces Filipino import

December 6, 2002It may have taken eleven tiring years, but the Rev George Gayagay is ‘overjoyed' that his congregation of Filipino Anglicans has been officially accepted into the Diocese of Sydney. “This offer came out of the blue,” he said “It's a great joy we have become part of the established Anglican Church otherwise we are just nomads.”

Military church takes aim at local community

December 6, 2002Holy Trinity, Millers Point is one of Sydney's most unique churches. The ‘Garrison Church'has a long-standing link with Australia's defence forces, and its picturesque location makes it a sought-after wedding venue.