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‘Damaged’ girls find home in village of joy

February 24, 2003Ethiopia – a country renowned for poverty and starvation. Dirty streets – home for so many children – where millions of people are hungry, sick, hopeless and dying. A place, it may appear, forgotten by God.

No UK coup d’etat by Sydney

February 24, 2003Archbishop Jensen's talks shock some, but enthuse many.

Israel hits Anglican church and hospital

February 24, 2003Missile attack kills patient in church-run hospital

Archdeacon Edwards to take up leadership role in Canberra

February 24, 2003

Call to action for all Christians

February 24, 2003David Phillips from Adelaide and Denise Cooper-Clark from Melbourne are leading by example in showing that Christians have an important role to play in public debate on moral and ethical issues.

Report: Communion does not meet health standards

February 24, 2003Churches in Sydney Diocese could be asked to review how they serve Communion during Sunday services, following an extensive review undertaken by a specially appointed committee.

Parish partnerships to reach ethnic Sydney

February 24, 2003Two Sydney parishes are partnering with a pair of innovative church plants in an initiative that will help reach the city's huge multicultural population.

Film ministry seeks Sydney’s ‘lost tribe’

February 24, 2003

God’s workers bear fruit

February 24, 2003While six local Anglicans were recognised, the Nation's top honour went to a judge who backed women priests

Chaplain appointed to care for sexual abuse victims

February 24, 2003In a first for the Anglican Church in Australia, a new chaplain has been appointed to the Diocese of Sydney's Professional Standards Unit (PSU) to work alongside the victims of sexual misconduct.