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Balinese face trauma, even starvation

November 12, 2002Bali Bombing coverage also includes these stories: - “It looked like a war zone, with people lying around on stretchers with bloodstained sheets” - A conspiracy of silence - Why are Christians being persecuted in Indonesia?

Western Region - Link - 11/02

November 12, 2002Bishop Brian King farewell and other Link stories.

Disabled still excluded from church mission

November 12, 2002There are over 650 million people in the world living with a disability. And yet, according to Prabhu and Nancy Rayan who recently visited Australia, this people group is ignored by the Church.

Official: chaplains good for us

November 12, 2002Research shows hospital chaplains boost patients’ health. But without government funding this ministry may end.

Sydney Synod 2002: “Excitement for Mission is palpable”

November 11, 2002The widespread excitement for the newly approved Mission was palpable in the sample of parish representatives Southern Cross approached. The focal point of Synod 2002 was the detailed plans flowing out of the Diocesan Mission Strategy.

Dividing to grow in Sydney’s north

November 11, 2002For some people, ‘church planting' means travelling long distances and perhaps breaking brand new ground in a previously untouched community. But St Thomas', North Sydney demonstrates a different model.

‘New-look’ Synod sees nearly 500 sign on for Mission

November 11, 2002Radical restructuring of Sydney Diocese will see resources utilised to back Mission Strategy.