Chinese ministry booms

Russell Powell
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A special consultant has been appointed as the rapid growth of Chinese ministries continues in the Sydney Diocese. 

Bishop Ivan Lee has appointed the Rev David Wong, rector of Granville (pictured), as a Canon of St John’s Cathedral, Parramatta with special responsibilities for Chinese church planting in the Diocese.

“David has always had a heart for church planting – having planted 10 churches in Malaysia before arriving in Australia and assisting in starting three new Chinese ministries here in Sydney,” Bishop Lee says. 

“He approached me about how he could be more formally involved in church planting in the Diocese and I’m delighted that he will now be able to do this part-time while remaining rector of Granville.” 

Bishop Lee says Evangelism and New Churches (ENC) director the Rev Phil Wheeler and Bishop Peter Lin – who chairs the Archbishop’s Chinese Advisory Board – were also involved in the appointment. 

Says Bishop Lin: “The numbers of people migrating from China are rapidly increasing and Mandarin is now the second-most spoken language in Sydney after English.”

Canon Wong will also be ENC’s Chinese Ministry Consultant – a position funded entirely by donations. 

“David’s role will be to plant, grow and strengthen Chinese-speaking congregations and ministries throughout the Diocese,” Bishop Lin said. 

“These new congregations and ministries will start alongside English-speaking ministries, whether it’s a fresh church plant or it becomes part of an established English-speaking church.” 



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