Christian channel conquers Australian airwaves

Mark A. Hadley

A new broadcasting deal means Australians now have access to Christian television programs 24-7.

Foxtel Digtal and Austar Digital have entered into a partnership with the Australian Christian Channel which will see Christian television made available nationally from December 1st.

Foxtel and Austar are Australia's two biggest pay-television providers.

Both are now offering the Australian Christian Channel as part of their basic package of programming.

Foxtel alone will add more than half a million households to the potential number of viewers for the ACC's mixture of international and Australian-made programming.

ACC Managing Director Mike Jeffs says the deal opens a huge door for electronic evangelism.

"For the first time the Gospel message will be broadcast nationally, right across Australia 24/7," he says.

Any Australian with access to digital television can now dial up a range of Christian-oriented children's, youth and family programming.

The Christian Channel also offers movies, inspirational teaching, game shows, music programs and documentaries.

Mr Jeffs is ready to hand all the praise for the not-for-profit broadcaster to a sovereign God.

"It has been quite a journey to get to this point, but it is worth noting that at the beginning of the year we were the smallest channel in Australia, but as of December 1st we will have become the largest, by having more distribution than any other channel," Mr Jeffs says.

The Australian Christian Channel is currently available through Optus Television, Digital Forty Four,  TransACT and now Foxtel Digital and Austar Digital.