Lord God,

You are holy and righteous. Thank you that your character is just. Thank you that you had mercy on our wrongdoing and sent Jesus in your abundant grace. Thank you that sending Him as a saviour was part of your plan all along.

Thank you that Jesus lived the perfect life, submitted himself to death, and rose from the dead. Thank you that he has beaten evil, had defeated Satan. Thank you that you have provided us with such clear historical evidence of the resurrection. Help us to wait patiently for Him to return.

Thank you that Australia gives us a long weekend to celebrate and remember your Son’s death and resurrection.

We pray for our Churches this Easter. Help us to be unified and passionate about people coming to know and love you. Help us to be welcoming, unselfish and caring. Help us to have hearts after your own heart, that care about seeing people saved. We pray for our pastors, help them to proclaim your word clearly and truthfully.

Bring guests to our Churches who are curious, whose hearts are open to coming to know you. Bring families to events and let them listen to come to know and love you.

We pray for the Jesus Is... and Moore College Mission this year. Thank you for the Churches and the students who are involved. Please provide adults and children who are excited to learn about you. We pray that we would see a change in the culture of NSW.

In Jesus name,


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