Engagement Gift with eternal value

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When Chelsea Adkins and David Cameron celebrated their upcoming wedding they also used the opportunity to raise funds for important ministry work overseas.

Instead of presents for their engagement party, they asked friends and family to make donations to the work of Miracle Schools Pakistan, an organisation close to their hearts, and raised $1100.

The best gift is one that invests in the Kingdom

“We’ve already been blessed so much with stuff, and this stuff won’t last for eternity, so for us the best gift was a gift that invested in the kingdom,” says Miss Adkins, who attends Hope Church Leppington. “We thought, instead of engagement gifts, let’s get people to spend that money on giving to the Miracle Schools. That brings us much more joy than a toaster would.”

For Miss Adkins, supporting the cause was a logical choice. “David and I are so excited for when Christ returns and we get to enter his eternal rest and glory. We can also rejoice in seeing the fruit of these Pakistani children running into the Father’s arms. That’s a gift that is truly precious.”

"Pray that God would continue to bring strength to his people in Pakistan"

More than 2 million are forced to work in brick kilns

In Pakistan more than 2 million people, made up of religious minorities such as Christians and Hindus, are forced to work in dire circumstances in brick kilns. Children as young as three, along with their families, make bricks in 50-degree heat.

Many Christians don’t fully understand the truth of Jesus, yet are suffering in his name with a hunger to know him. Miracle Schools Pakistan aims to help the poorest children by providing free Christian education with a holistic approach: practical aid and support, education and the good news of the gospel.


Pray that God will continue to be at work in Pakistan for his Kingdom

Amelia van Netten, ambassador for Miracle Schools Pakistan and a close friend of the couple, was overjoyed when she heard of their plans to direct gifts towards the ministry.

“It showed how great their understanding of the gospel is – they were willing to give up something in order to support something greater,” she says. “I am thankful for people’s support to Miracle Schools through Anglican Aid and their ongoing partnership in the gospel.

“Pray that God would continue to bring strength to his people in Pakistan, that they would drink deeply of his word and not lose hope. Pray that God would provide the resources, finances and strength needed to continue to be at work for his kingdom.”




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