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The word “parliament” is derived from the word the French word “parler”, which means “to speak”. Our very political system is based on the ability of people to come together, discuss and debate. That’s a skill it felt like we lost sometime last year.

Freedom18 is a chance to address the legal and moral implications of free speech and come to understand these issues in a thought out and intentional way, free from the facebook bubble and spur of the moment reactions we see online.

Just days after the Ruddock report is set to be released to the Prime Minister's office, at NSW Parliament house, people will meet and think about the future of religious freedom.

“We are talking to parliament about how many people we can squeeze into the room,” said Freedom for Faith CEO Michael Kellahan.

“We’ve got politicians from both sides, academics from around the country, some senior and some new. It will be a great opportunity to meet with people who share a concern for religious freedom and want to find better ways for us to talk about how to live well with differences”.

In the wake of debates around marriage, Freedom for Faith is facilitating the opportunity to discuss how freedom of speech should be regulated within our society. Questions such as “do we live in over-regulated times?” and “how does freedom related to security?” will be debated and discussed.

Meet the Speakers

Hon. John Anderson AO

Former Deputy Prime Minister, John is a politician of deep Christian conviction who during his political career remained a strong advocate for society’s core institutions.

Sen. the Hon. Jacinta Collins

A Victorian Labour Senator for more than 20 years, Senator Collins has been a leading campaigner on social and cultural issues including the stem cell debate, euthanasia and religious freedom.

Emeritus Prof. Rosalind Croucher AM

 President of the Australian Human Rights Commission in July 2017, after seven and a half years as President of the Australian Law Reform Commission.

Prof. Patrick Parkinson AM 

Professor of Law at the University of Sydney who has written extensively on the subject of religious freedom

Dr. Joel Harrison

Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University Law School, his scholarship focuses on law and religion, human rights, and constitutional law.

Dr. Alex Deagon -

a Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and a committed Christian. His research focuses on jurisprudence, law and theology, and freedom of religion.

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