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Ingham to delay same-sex blessings

December 3, 2002 : Bishop Michael Ingham of New Westminster says that he will delay same-sex blessings in his diocese “as a gesture of goodwill” toward eight dissident parishes until a process of mediation has begun

Religion takes a back seat in the sleigh ride that is Christmas consumerism

December 2, 2002 : Has Christianity become cowardly? How else can we explain the puzzling tendency to deliberately cut the Christ out of Christmas, Sydney's Anglican archbishop, Peter Jensen, asked his philanthropic audience at an Anglicare dinner last week.

Cape Town Christian media professionals unite at fellowship group launch

December 2, 2002 : Christians working in the media in Cape Town launched a fellowship organisation on Tuesday 12 November, in what signals a new beginning in cooperation and ministry amongst the media in the 'Mother City' of South Africa.

A practical guide to suicide

December 2, 2002 : These are the people deemed by the Australian Medical Association to be "fragile and vulnerable" who are "about to be exploited" by the euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke. On a hot sunny morning in Townsville yesterday, they were attending the kind of workshop that has caused the AMA to try several times without success to have Dr Nitschke deregistered as a physician.

Christian reactionaries leading a new crusade

December 2, 2002 : While understandably obsessed with the medieval barbarism coming out of Islamic fundamentalist sects, the secular West appears oblivious to the powerful impact that Islamic fundamentalism is having on Christianity, and the rise of fundamentalist Christianity itself.

What Would Jesus Drive?... Again - Campaign Borders on Religious Blackmail

December 2, 2002 : Much has been written, opined and preached about what Jesus would have driven. Some have offered that Jesus might have walked, ridden a bike or taken a bus. Others suggest a donkey.

Outrage grows over Italian doctor’s cloned baby claim

December 2, 2002 : Italian medical figures reacted in shock and disgust last week to the announcement by controversial fertility expert Dr Severino Antinori, that the world's first cloned baby will be born within weeks

IRA may end its war with Britain

December 2, 2002 : The IRA is edging towards an historic declaration that its war with Britain is over, sources close to the Northern Ireland peace process have disclosed. IRA is edging towards an historic declaration that its war with Britain is over, sources close to the Northern Ireland peace process have disclosed.

Archbishop attacks Church pomp

December 2, 2002 : The new Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has criticised the pomp and circumstance of the church he now heads.

Archbishop fears split over female bishops

December 1, 2002 : The new archbishop of Canterbury says the Church of England must start thinking seriously about coping with a split if women are permitted to become bishops.

Hardgrave joins Santa debate

December 1, 2002 : Federal Multicultural Affairs Minister Gary Hardgrave today urged department stores to incorporate nativity scenes into their Christmas window decorations to keep Christ involved in the celebration.

Don’t take Christ out of Christmas: minister

December 1, 2002 : Federal Multicultural Affairs Minister Gary Hardgrave has urged department stores to incorporate nativity scenes in their Christmas window decorations to keep Christ involved in the celebration, echoing the sentiments of Prime Minister John Howard, who has also slammed political correctness.

Quitting Hinduism - ‘Untouchables’ find new dignity in Christian faith

November 30, 2002 : India's over 250 million Dalits are Hinduism's "untouchables," relegated by the high-caste Brahmans to an almost permanent underclass status. The caste system, though illegal in India, remains in force socially. Dalits are not allowed to enter upper-caste houses, fields, or temples. They cannot draw water from village wells or wear shoes while passing upper-caste areas. They remain landless and poor.

Prostitutes sue Christians over loss of earnings

November 30, 2002 : The Chilean prostitutes' association is to sue a group of missionaries who turned a brothel into a church. A US-backed evangelical group transformed the largest brothel in the city of Concepcion into a church and centre for repentant sex workers.

Hopeless in Haiti: Christians Under the Gun

November 30, 2002 : President Clinton and much of the rest of the world intervened eight years ago in Haiti to end its violent political turmoil and spiral into abject poverty. But the violence is a back in a big way, and some of it is aimed at Haiti's Christians.

Drug dealer sees the light, camera, action

November 30, 2002 : The Rev Kent Williams lost the plot in his youth, but in doing so he found a winning screenplay, Ben Hills writes. (SMH)

The politics of affluence

November 30, 2002 : We have never been richer but the self-gratifying middle classes have successfully recast themselves as battlers who must be placated, writes Clive Hamilton for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Rich cry poor, then put another prawn on the outdoor kitchen

November 30, 2002 : The little Aussie battler is nothing but a middle-class whinger, according to a new study. Australians have never been richer, it says, yet the majority of middle-income households believe they are doing it tough.

Have Christians lost their nerve? - Archbishop Jensen’s address at the Anglicare Dinner 2002

November 29, 2002 : We live in a society which appears to have lost its nerve. It no longer believes in its own identity. It refuses to acknowledge how much it owes to the Christian faith. The loss is going to be a desperate one. How else can we explain the puzzling tendency to deliberately cut Christ out of Christmas. We hear of nativity scenes being banned from shopping malls, of schools becoming hesitant about carol singing, of the growth of the ugly euphemism 'festive season' to hide the fact that it is the birth of Jesus Christ which has caused the festivity in the first place.

Take third province seriously — Williams

November 29, 2002 : The Church of England should seriously consider creating a third province to accommodate those opposed to women bishops, Dr Rowan Williams says in a Church Times interview this week. He also says that he would be bound by the Lambeth ’98 resolution, and would not, therefore, ordain anyone living in a homosexual relationship.